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  1. Illinois Black hardtop for mojito color hardtop

    Anyone looking to trade a mojito color hardtop for a black hardtop. I am in Chicago but I am willing to drive.
  2. Wisconsin Looking at trying to buy Mopar simulated beadlocks

    I have one that I can sell you. I was planning on buying all five but I changed my mind.
  3. Wisconsin Looking at trying to buy Mopar simulated beadlocks

    Are you looking for the wheels or just the ring?
  4. Bare bones sport 2dr JL (not even AC)

    You installed the headlamp switch with the auto function?
  5. 2018 JL sport power door locks

    It cost $270-300 for the power latches for power locks and around $800-900 for the all parts needed to do the power windows. Then you have to buy a wires. I bought the wire color that the wiring diagram shows and the correct pins to insert to the appropriate connector. That cost me around $100...
  6. California WTB: Granite Grey Fender Flares for my JLUR.

    Why don't you just get them color matched at a local body shop? You might spend the same amount.
  7. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sport Power Window & Door Upgrade?

    It is possible to install power windows and locks. If your looking to use OEM parts for a clean look, you are going to spend around $1200 just on parts. The good thing is that it all bolts up. It is also time consuming. You would have to take all 5 doors apart to install the power latches. On...
  8. 2018 JL sport power door locks

    I just finished installing OEM power latches on all 5 doors and I wired them to the BCM. I installed new door panels that I bought on eBay. The door panels have the OEM lock switches which I also wired to the BCM. The lock switches unlock and lock the doors fine without any BCM programming. I...
  9. Pin kit for Hardtop plug (XY440a)

    I can get you the part number for the pins and connector tomorrow.
  10. Illinois WTB Passenger Side Airbag Cover Air Vents

    bump still looking for these
  11. Washington WTT: Alpine Subwoofer for no subwoofer panels FREE TRADE

    No I am not located in Seattle but would pay shipping for my parts to you.
  12. New York WTB - Rubicon grill insert

    I have Rubicon inserts for the grill.
  13. Illinois 2018 Rear Leather Seats - 100%

    Is this still available?
  14. Illinois SOLD—2019 JLU Rubicon Wheels and BFG KO2 tires

    Are the wheels with tires still available?
  15. Illinois Anyone want to trade their 4 door Mojito color hardtop for a black texture hardtop.

    I'm looking to trade my 4 door black texture hardtop for a Mojito color hardtop. I've owned my Wrangler since June and the hardtop is in good condition. I'm willing to drive to pick it up. I'm located in the northwest suburbs of chicago.
  16. New Jersey looking to buy original fender

    I have all four in Illinois.