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  1. Can I fit 35/12.5/17 tires on a 7.5" wide wheel?

    What geometry issue? I am running 12.5 on 7.5 stock rims without a spacer or additional offset ... I was not sure if it would work, which is the OPs question. It does work and only has the slightest rub at full lock. No trackbar is going to correct that.
  2. Can I fit 35/12.5/17 tires on a 7.5" wide wheel?

    I have the Mopar 2.5 lift and run stock rims with 35x12.5x17 BFG MT without spacers. Only the lightest rub on full lock left, nothing on right lock. So the wheel liners are just not even. Have about 10k miles on this..
  3. Rear side window just broke

    Nope, nothing else mounted. And from the looks if it, the cutouts on my mount are even larger. Well it is just a thought to see if it is blocked and that caused the pressure to pop the window. The dealer has ordered the window glass.
  4. Rear side window just broke

    Yes, I have 35s mounted and also a relocation bracket, had that installed with the lift. Not looking forward to take the spare off... :LOL::lipssealed::LOL:
  5. Rear side window just broke

    Dealership is contacted and the service manager is at least cooperative. We had sent him all the pictures and the video and he tries to cut the process short. Obviously the window won't make it through the drive to the dealership and I don't want to "leave" the car at the dealer ship until the...
  6. Rear side window just broke

    Here you can see just how much air comes through the hole now. Of course it is the path of least resistance but it seems to be a lot of pressure for just lightly closing the door.
  7. Rear side window just broke

    Wife just closed the driver door and the rear side window blew out on our '19 JLU MOAB with the sky one touch roof. It is one of the windows you can take out. I guess too much pressure but …. daaang. Anybody seen that before?
  8. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Finally back in a Jeep. My third after a CJ and TJ. Now a MOAB on the Eastern Shore.