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  1. 2019 Wrangler Sport S Transmission problems

    Hi my jeep is having trans issues at the dealer now I’ll send dm
  2. Steering wheel locking up

    Mine is doing this also just to the left did you fix it ? First time on me today
  3. Rugged Ridge Dash Multi Mount Phone Holder

    I have it tried to install now and it truely sucks GoPro isn’t tight and not worth it, I got it free at a 4wp raffle, going to get a bulletproof mount or the 67 design! The only thing I liked is the side cubes it gives your for storage
  4. Rugged Ridge Dash Multi Mount Phone Holder

    Do you have more info on how you did the usb and the GoPro mounts ?
  5. Rugged Ridge Dash Multi Mount Phone Holder

    Did you ever get around installing this ?
  6. Billet Sport S- Rubi Axle/T-Case Swap

    What wire harness did you buy for the lockers I got the axles and the stock wire harness but it has 4 wires
  7. Electrical/Tech folks: Help needed powering lockers!

    Did you ever figure this out I’m doing mine this weekend
  8. Florida SOLD - Orlando - For Sale: 2018 JLU Premium Soft Top - $1000

    I’m interested you still have it ?
  9. "Stop Safely Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon"

    My Jeep just did this to me on Friday, I had to tow it to the dealer today Saturday and sucks that the dealers are to busy and can get to it in a few days and now stuck with no car since they didn’t give me a rental till they see what’s going on with it! Gave me the message and than wouldn’t...
  10. Rubicon JL Rubicon Axles $3500 (pending sale)

    Are they still for sale I’m looking for a set in Chicago