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  1. Gupton custom order timeline

    I am going through this process right now, I want to support local businesses but I also want a good price. If someone else is buying a product for 5% under invoice why can't I? I went the other day and established expectations right away when I walked on the lot. I wanted to special order a...
  2. Why a two door is better than a four door

    Well at least now you know /s I don't like how the 2 doors look, I guess I view them similarly how some view angry grilles (also not for me but w/e). You can drive your little car, I'm not judging too harshly. I don't need a truck but I do like to haul some things from time to time without...
  3. Trade in Tacoma for a JLR?

    It is super nice to have a truck when you need to haul stuff, but unless it's a daily job the only time I really used my truck beds was for moving. In and around town moves can be done with a Uhaul rental or delivery fees now lol. OP I had 2 tacomas, both TRD sports. They just lacked power to...
  4. Why a two door is better than a four door

    Just like buying a wrangler and the different models is about the utility, so is 2 vs 4 door. Only purists get their panties in a bunch screaming about "real jeeps" when these topics come up. Briefly skimming his video, I figured he was about to say why he was selling his 2 door and buying...
  5. Is a JL wrangler a good daily driver???

    Anyone buying a Wrangler should know SAS is not going to feel the same as IFS, but if it bothers us we can always change suspension components, tires, and/or seat geometry and plushness. Wranglers are utility rigs, not luxury SUVs, unless you compare them to genpop military vehicles.
  6. I thought rubicons had dana 44 front and rear axles??

    2022 Rubis come standard with the 8.4 and proximity locks, blessing in disguise.
  7. Quake LED Releases New Jeep Wrangler JL/Gladiator JT Slim Smoked DRL Fender Chop Kit For ALL Wrangler Trim Levels!

    Their fender looks amazing but I worry about the quality, reliability and output of the lights they use. It reminds me of something out of the Autozone endcap.
  8. Cold weather testing in the arctic

    For sure on the extension cords, I'd kick it to the side and try not to cover it when shoveling lol.
  9. Cold weather testing in the arctic

    Newer diesels are very impressive in winter weather. My Denali 2500 didn't need the radiator cover even in -45F temps (upstate NY gets a bit colder than Alaska) and I used a timer for the block heater to come on an hour or so before I had to go to work. Fuel treatment is a must when anywhere in...
  10. Jeep Wave - Bronco!

    Careful, you'll upset the natives lol. Tribalism is the problem.
  11. Good news - Gupton purchased Wrangler serviced at dealer other than Gupton

    This kind of dealership mentality usually gets them a nasty review from me, we're a military family. We don't always have the luxury of staying in one place forever or getting to choose where we live, so I make their poor support of the military public knowledge.
  12. What is up with rock stacking?

    Just have to have more patience for darwinism or social hypetrain to run their course, they will thin themselves out through attrition via injury, exhaustion, or boredom.
  13. Was Car and Driver paid under the table to write this Bronco vs Wrangler comparison article?

    OOOOOOOrrrrr...they are a very devout Jeep fan and wanting FCA to take notice and combat the Bronco with a better improved Wrangler. I love the Wrangler, but it could still be improved. Hopefully FCA reads the article and we see some revisions sooner rather than later.
  14. What is up with rock stacking?

    I get it, it sucks when new people come into your turf and do things you think are not in keeping with how it should be, report them to park rangers and move on. That's all we can do. I usually repaired what I "messed up" if time permitted or we took care of it after exercises. It's not anyone...
  15. Nittos and Coopers

    I have had tires from both companies, both sets were exceptional tires. The Coopers were awesome in the snow.
  16. Black Friday/cyber Monday what are you buying for your JL?

    I ordered the Banks PedalMonster and Derringer to go with my iDash, I recently got some great news and am finally able to order the Jeep :like: Hoping it arrives before 2023 :CWL:
  17. What is up with rock stacking?

    Such fragile people. Whether you're stacking rocks or using a different piece of nature to enable passage or doing a lift and large tires or winching, they're all modifications for making trails easier. Travel across America was literally made possible because human altered natural formations to...
  18. Sport S vs Sahara vs Sahara Alt. What am I missing?

    Halogen housings are not made for LEDs, no proper cutoff, you'll just look like an a-hole blinding everyone. Spend the money and get a proper setup.
  19. Recovery Tracks - when to use/prioritize

    Everyone ruins everything I like!! Get off my lawn! 😭 :CWL: Recovery tracks beat using branches under tires to gain traction when there is no one or a sturdy tree around to winch off of.
  20. Sport S vs Sahara vs Sahara Alt. What am I missing?

    I am so spoiled with these on the wife's car and my lease, these are one of the deal breakers for any vehicle I get into now.