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  1. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    I have and a few run them around here. I was told it’s the pump that is the issue PSCs setup addresses. Knowing they are trying to sell their product, they mentioned redneck Ram while at rebel offroads open house and said it doesn’t take care of the main issue - pump.
  2. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Until all the big stuff gets in the things I need are skid plates (next adventure) and ordered American adventure lab dual arb compressor mount for the rear. Then it’s pretty much wait on the big stuff. My biggest concern with the build is PSC doesn’t give me much confidence that they’ll have...
  3. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Was having issues with the sensors and Rebel has been top notch in customer service. I’ve met so many helpful people from Rebel and Stephen even went as far as FaceTiming me with a tech to show me angles of bezels etc. Needed a new bezel kit which worked perfectly. Went to the Rebel Offroad...
  4. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    New vanity plate with bumper installed. Love it but needs a bit of tweaking still to match the lines of the jeep.
  5. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Worked on the rebel offroad rear bumper quite a bit. Wanted plugs just in case I had to remove the rear bumper and the wiring to be as clean as possible. Probably overkill but heat wrapped the wiring near the rear aux lights just to help a bit with the heat. I still have some tweaking to do with...
  6. Quake LED Releases New Jeep Wrangler JL/Gladiator JT Slim Smoked DRL Fender Chop Kit For ALL Wrangler Trim Levels!

    Those are awesome but got lazy, at work, right before hitting the order button....damn it being a millennial. :LOL:
  7. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Got the motobilt plate relo done last night. Was hoping to get the rebel rear bumper on yesterday but spent more time on this than I originally thought I would. Need to figure out the back up sensors in the bumper and then I’ll wire the plate light and aux switch for the rear bajas after that.
  8. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Half door hangers done RSE steps completed - I had to drill out a little bit of the pinch seam bolts on the passenger side but after that all was good. Then one of the magnets broke in half. So needing to get some of those. Turbo Diesel sticker on
  9. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Got the RSE wiring completed and will install the steps this weekend. Got GearAmerica d rings with locks. I’m liking the small accents of red with the blue. Didn’t think I would like it but not bad with the rubicon red.
  10. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    front is done! Bajas, Warn zeon 12, tre synthetic rope, ultrahook, rebel front bumper/stinger/skid plate. Love the look. Probably will remove the skid when I go to the 42’s.
  11. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Got the rebel offroad front bumper, Baja design squadrons, and skid plate on. Winch and stinger going on tomorrow. Next week I’ll be doing a motobilt rear license plate relocation, rebel rear bumper, and RSE steps
  12. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Parts coming in! Wrapping the wiring harness for the rear Baja design lights while my motobilt license plate relocation is being powdered. Received synthetic rope from TRE for the Warn Zeon 12 and my ultrahook. Also received Baja designs wiring harness to connect front lights to fogs.
  13. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    Half doors. Expensive option but even more expensive afterward. Also they come with all the options built in like lane warnings and proximity.
  14. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Have ordered a ton of stuff! I'll tell ya, kinda gets annoying to wait 2 months FOR EVERYTHING...I'm in healthcare supply chain so I get it just sucks. Here's what I've got... Rebel Summit Front w/ stinger hoop & Skid and Rear bumpers (received) Warn Zeon 12 winch (received) Ultrahook in blue...
  15. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    @Baja Designs May I get some help with identifying the harness I need to directly connect these into my OE Fog harness? Jeep has the led package but not the Steel bumpers. **James from Baja Designs was really helpful and got me hooked up.
  16. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Checking out pensacola Beach and Fort Pickens. Need to wash the underside since I had to drive through ocean water to get there.
  17. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    The mud down here forms like concrete so the wheel was pretty shaky but power washed it and feeling back to normal.
  18. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Got the first Jeep Badge of Honor for the JLU with my bro in Florida. Dang are they trails NARROW but a Jeep isn’t a Jeep without some scratches. My bro, who is an engineer and has patience (much more than me) helped me adjust the half doors afterward. Hopefully on the way home to Texas it...
  19. The Blacksmith Crew - Project _DNA

    Got the rest of the hookups installed
  20. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Having to find hinge type hangers for the half doors - can’t hang from top of doors as you can imagine. Anyone happy with this type from a certain manu?