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  1. Quick release bolts for hard top?

    I am not sure about the T-handle ones, but I am not happy with the lessor expensive GP-Star LITE ones GPCA sells. While technically it might be the correct size/pitch they are a very sloppy fit and come loose very easy. My top creaked all the time when using them and I had to tighten them...
  2. How important are heated seats to you?

    Yup, demoed a 370Z Convertible with AC/Vented seats....I wish our jeeps and miata had those.
  3. New Wheel Option on Jeep Wrangler Sport S — 17″ x 7.5″ Machined / Painted Black Wheels

    I covered the red ones on my Rubicon rims with black ones I got off Etsy. This company seems to sell the same thing:
  4. New Wheel Option on Jeep Wrangler Sport S — 17″ x 7.5″ Machined / Painted Black Wheels

    I guess they have been out for a while. I had never seen them before and still think they are a nice (and affordable) factory upgrade over the stock sliver or the $995 optional granite ones I have seen.
  5. New Wheel Option on Jeep Wrangler Sport S — 17″ x 7.5″ Machined / Painted Black Wheels

    Nope, shows on the sticker for that Jeep as a factory option and in the factory rendering of it. There are a few others on lots with the same rims too.
  6. New Wheel Option on Jeep Wrangler Sport S — 17″ x 7.5″ Machined / Painted Black Wheels

    There seems to be a new wheel option. I have only found it on 2 door Sport S. Its not searchable on the inventory search nor can you pick it as an option on the build web site. Its called out as 17" x 7.5" Machined / Painted Black Wheels Not a bad looking wheel to me and seems to also come...
  7. Trying to Decide: Willy's vs. Sport Altitude

    I know I missed the LED lighting thing as it showed as an option on each. Did you miss the hard top head liner adder to the Willys, as that is also included on the Sport Altitude. If you do opt them as close as possible to each other I still see just over $1000 less on the SA.
  8. Trying to Decide: Willy's vs. Sport Altitude

    Play with the "build a jeep" for each. I am seeing an almost $2K cheaper price on an Altitude to the Willys when they both have hard tops, LSD and 7" radios. Almost 3K less if you go with the standard 5" radio on the Altitude. The only plus I see on the Willy is the rock rails (that you can...
  9. The order is in. First time Wrangler owners. :)

    If you want a snow and ice vehicle I would suggest the Selec-Trac® Full-Time 4WD System option. Its basically an AWD system. In many cases regular 4WD and lockers are worse in the snow & ice. Particularly when its a mixed surface with patches of it or when it first starts snowing and the roads...
  10. What's your favorite color that you didn't buy/order?

    If I could have, I would have got Mojito on either my JL or my JT
  11. Removing red Willys graphic from Rubicon rims?

    #1 - Cost. I got the Ruby take off wheels/tires as a cost effective way to upgrade from the minivan tires that came on my Sport. I would assume to do what you say would be a few hundred bucks. Pretty sure I paid less than $10 for the stickers. FWIW my little stickers are still holding up great...
  12. Rain protector with top and door off,, suggestions.

    I think Rain Gear is pretty good, but its hard to beat the Quadratec soft bond for the price.
  13. Anyone know what this color is - Tuscadero Pearl Coat ?

    Looks like it does a blue to green color shift.
  14. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    Didn't care for it at first myself, now I don't really care. Its super quick to just throw it back and you dont really gain much by removing the back panels and window. if you want to run with less, the top itself comes off pretty quick and easy, just 4 bolts. Its quite practical to remove it...
  15. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    Never even considered trading our 2 door, but recently added a Gladiator. The 2 door "feels" like a jeep. The Gladiator is a convertible truck with some jeep capabilities to me.
  16. Hanging top from garage ceiling.

    I dont hang the whole thing off those. I do lift and hang it using them, splitting the load with Topsy brackets in the back.
  17. Doorless Mirrors?

    It is a 3" arm (socket to socket). I don't have one for the passenger side. I just use the one.
  18. Rolling up a Spyderweb JLKini

    Well, it works fine. Its easy to roll or unroll and reattach on the sides and back while the front stays attached under the windshield. It just sits there on top of the sun visors and does not budge or flap at any speeds.
  19. Rolling up a Spyderweb JLKini

    Trying to come up with the next best thing to a retractable sunshade and I already have the JLKini. Has anyone tried to roll it up forward and perhaps bungee or strap it to have full open air over your head? I am referring to leaving it attached under the windshield, but releasing all the other...
  20. Jeep Wrangler Islander and 80th Anniversary Editions on Build & Price

    It appears that with the 80th version and the availability of Selec-Trac now you can kind of build a 2 door Sahara.