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  1. Cracked washer on shock

    Was under my 2019 JLUR and saw a cracked washer on my rear driver side shock. Stock, never messed with suspension. checking unusual tire wear should I be concerned?
  2. No Dealer Service support because I have a Mopar 82215382AB harness installed?

    I also added the mopar hitch and wiring, and had dealer install aux switch package. Dealer had to reflash the computer for both instances so the computer would recognize the add ons. I am getting similar issues, but my light is ok. Been putting my battery on a charger for now, fixes the problem...
  3. Leather trim vs perforated

    My wife has perforated leather seats in her 4Runner. Have kiddos. They spill crap on the seats and stuff gets lodged in the tiny perforated holes. Not fun to clean. Food for thought.
  4. soft top or convertible roof

    If you het the hard tip, comes wired with wipers, wiper fluid tube, electrical harness. Can add the soft top later. Plus, if your soft top gets damaged during summer, can always put the hard top on. This is what I did. If you got storage space, go for both tops
  5. Overfilled oil, factory paint imperfections and poor customer service (Greenway DCJR Orlando).

    My dealer no longer sends out surveys. Maybe they no longer send them to me after some bad reviews. Larry H Miller Jeep, Albuquerque NM
  6. Need recommendations on hard top cover

    I have been using oversized king mattress bags. Works ok. Store in garage
  7. Rubicon unlimited alignment questions

    Went back to the dealer. They said the only way they could fix the rear thrust angle would be to replace the axle, it could make it worse, and they were not going to do that. Kind of sucks, still under warranty, and it is not to spec. should I be worried? It does pull to the right, figured it...
  8. Rubicon unlimited alignment questions

    Nope. Never hit any curbs. Thanks for the advice
  9. Rubicon unlimited alignment questions

    Just took a look, dealer mangled the adjustment. Not happy
  10. Rubicon unlimited alignment questions

    Also, have had a squeak in the suspension for quite some time. Asked the dealer to look at my steering stabilizer, the plastic tube is rubbing on the shock, paint worn. They said they could not see it. This dealer sucks.
  11. Rubicon unlimited alignment questions

    I have a 2019 JLUR, all stock with 19,000 miles. Noticed tire feathering. Took it to the dealer for them to check suspension and alignment. They said they adjusted a little, nothing out of the ordinary. Now my steering wheel is about 15-20 degrees to the left when driving straight. got the...
  12. Clock 1 hr back instead of 1 hr ahead

    Looks like it fixed itself
  13. Clock 1 hr back instead of 1 hr ahead

    Looks like the clock went an hour back instead of an hour ahead
  14. Clock 1 hr back instead of 1 hr ahead

    Looks like my clock is 1 hr back instead of 1 hr ahead for daylight savings time this morning. Have time to update with GPS time in settings . Anyone else ?
  15. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    Cloth seats if this helps
  16. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    I have a 2019 JLUR with the dark gray dash. Looks better in my opinion with my exterior yellow. Didn’t order mine, was on the lot. It’s all stock
  17. How high (yes...altitude) did you take your JL today?

    Sandia crest in Albuquerque, NM 10,679 ft JLUR with the 2.0 turbo eco boost, 8 speed auto. No problems
  18. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    And steering fluid everywhere. Have the 2.0 turbo with e-torque, lots of piping and hoses around the box. Tech had a hell of a tome getting in swapped