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  1. JT pricing

    Wow, that is extremely pricey I not sure how they intended to get sales at those prices given top end utes are less. Like the JL was very keen to see these in Australia, but damm they clearly want me to take out a 2nd mortgage to own one.
  2. Aux Switch Installation

    So, since the dealer stuffed up the order, why can't they unstuff it and fit the 'elec pack' incl the alt etc.
  3. Aux Switch Installation

    Oh Wow, yeah i just checked jeep au site for dealers, seem Motorama now has 2 locations. Westpoint still have jeep logo on their service centre website for Yeerongpilly but funny fact- do a online price and put i Indooroopilly 4068 and ya get Moorooka 4105 :)
  4. US spec Rubicon Fenders

    that's interesting, Can you explain why the higher render would be illegal in Vic?
  5. Sundry trip

    i like those stock Rubi rim better than the 'optional ones. What tyres are those?
  6. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    sure there might be some regs that might prevent the stubby bars, but surely they could do the other full width bar. sure we can only do a 2" lift generally. i am starting to think arb have reached the 'toyota' mindset and to just put out the same old stuff cause peeps will buy purely on the...
  7. Aux Switch Installation

  8. Aux Switch Installation

    The aux switches can be fitted to any JL from my understanding and the dealer and or tazer is just to enable the software in the vehicle so it can be displayed and used. As for Dealer and warranty, what a load of BS. its a fricken factory 'mopar' accessory. got to a different dealer
  9. Aussie spec headlights!!! Halo? No Halo? Automatic? what?

    yeah bit far :) yeah it odd, esp as they are white and not yellow... Not sure why, international RHD version could any reason. i know the RAM 1500 do a change so the Yellow parker is not active and instead have a white light. seems dumb to me- the effort in that and all they need to do is add...
  10. Aussie spec headlights!!! Halo? No Halo? Automatic? what?

    seems weird they would bother to disable, but i thinking it is disabled some how. as it would cost more to make a new light without i would have thought ( could be wrong there but).. Are the Fender lights the 'parkers'. if ya in Brisbane, i more than happy to dismantle and inspect to try and...
  11. Finally, my Rubicon arrived

    so the rear bumper on the AU model is plastic like the Overland. It looks like the steel one will be better for towbar any how and it moves the number plate. how much for the rear steel bumper ?
  12. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    Many USA aftermarket 'bar' suppliers that where at SEMA are still not got stuff to market. the AEV stuff looked awesome and 'lightweight'. the ARB stuff is 'traditionally strong and heavy and a bit old school ( in my view), i think ARB need to unlearn some things. But one thing is for sure, ARB...
  13. Insurance for Wrangler JL – Off Road Cover

    all things considered, 2K is high. perhaps it softtop make it more risky? Shop around, ask questions, often cheap is not the best, but 2 k seems pretty high to me.. but then i old. lol ps most good ins cover for 'off road' anyhow.. but always ask to be sure
  14. JL Wrangler Australia

    hmmm dealer wants to sell cars today, not in a years time. not sure you can put much faith in that sale pitch.
  15. LJ safety rating

    Dan, that is classic :D . for the record, yes cock as i male part .. and yes cockhead ..dickhead, wanker. all apply to that guy. :P and as for 'i'm stuffed' yeah of course, stuff full could not put any more food in.. or stuffed, ran to the shops and now i stuffed..Or the age old - get...
  16. LJ safety rating

    ANCAP have not even tested here, they just using the UK results, so the JL tested is missing the AEB that our models 'should have'. but lets face it, with the new testing requirements, a 79 cruiser is not going to pass the pedestrian test or the AEB stuff. it might have better cabin protection...
  17. JL Wrangler Australia

    windscreen cracks appear to be quite common in the JL based on what i seen in usa you tube and this forum.
  18. JL Wrangler Australia

    So i just noticed that jeep Aust has a 'May 2019 ' buyers guide. the 'HD slider steps' are std on the Sport 2 door, overland 2 door and the 4door rubicon. the wheels are stock the subwoofer comes with the...
  19. JL Wrangler Australia

    Is this your one? those slider/steps looks like the mopar option, the same as what the Rubicon in Aust should get. Plus it got a Hard top, thats another option as is the stereo with the sub.
  20. Delivery dates

    The Y62 is a long way from the GU (y61). you can't compare them. the jeep is not as fast as the Y62, even with being 1ton lighter, i have a y62 and test drove the Overland, its goes well but, trust me it ain't no Y62. Nimble ok yeah well its smaller and yes that also means smaller interior and...