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  1. New Jersey Sold!!!$1500 - (4) 37x13.50 STTpro’s w’ blackrhino fury 17x9.5 $1500 firm

    Are interested in any trades? 35’s on 17’s? In jersey
  2. New Jersey Feeler CNJ: 4 mammoth 8’s 17x9 -12 with 35” falken wildpeaks

    Located in central jersey. Willing to entertain offers for my set of 4 mammoth 8’s with falken wildpeak mt 35”s mounted and balanced with less then 2k on them. wheels are 17x9 et -12 I have a 5th wheel with no tire that will also go with this set Don’t really need to sell them just interested...
  3. Connecticut WTB: Rubicon take-offs w 35's or after market wheels w/ 35's

    I have a set of 35” falken wildpeaks on 17” mammoth wheels I’m looking to sell no TPMS
  4. Any reviews for this Fab Fours bumper. Whatcha think?

    It has a couple of different mounting options for foglights, i was able to hook up my inspired engineering fogs with no problems
  5. Any reviews for this Fab Fours bumper. Whatcha think?

    I have it and i like it. Install isn’t bad really. I had more issues with the dealer i bought it from like the box they shipped it in looked like it went through a war zone before it got to me and was missing pieces but i get compliments on it All the time
  6. Pennsylvania 4 Cooper STT Pro 37x13.50/17 for 35s

    I’ve got a set of brand new Falken wildpeaks 35x12.5r17
  7. New Jersey FS: 4 Spidertrax 5 x 5" 1.75" wheel spacers

    Where in jersey are you, if these didn’t sell already.
  8. Flashcal issues

    Well funny but not funny story, i was on the phone with tech support for about an hour. Did a lot of manual resets on the different options instead of the quick “return to stock” option and it initially worked. Got off the phone with them about two hours later took a longer ride in the Jeep and...
  9. Flashcal issues

    Thanks for the replies giving me some info I’m going to call them in the next few minutes to see if i can get some sort of better answer from superchips
  10. Flashcal issues

    Did you manage to get any answer from superchips?
  11. Flashcal issues

    I’ve had the flash cal system for my 3.6 JL since last year and only uses it to change the tire size really. But recently i had to bring it to the dealer for the steering dampener recall. i plugged the flash cal in and returned the vehicle to stock. Disconnected the flashcal unplugged the...
  12. Outside of North America WTB a Rubicon/Sahara JL front bumper for my JK

    I have a rubicon steel front bumper for sale if you’re interested
  13. New Jersey Rubicon steel front bumper -CNJ pickup

    Bump, price lowered. Would like it gone this weekend
  14. WTB Looking for a steel front bumper.

    I have one for sale check my post
  15. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    How was the install on this bumper and where did you get it from??