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  1. Protecting Heritage Tan Cloth Seats

    We just took delivery of my wifes Sahara. We ordered cloth seats in Heritage Tan because we both hate leather and she really loved the look of White on Tan knowing full well that this might be crazy given her lifestyle (she rides horses) She nixed the idea of seatcovers and I tend to agree with...
  2. 2020 Sahara Unlimited Auto Diming Rear View Mirror?

    For 2019's on the Sahara standard features it shows auto dimming mirror. 2020's it is removed but shown in the infotainment package. Kind of regretting not checking that first. Wonder if its hard to retro one in... @robaw Thanks, that kind of makes me feel better!
  3. 2020 Sahara Unlimited Auto Diming Rear View Mirror?

    Thanks guys, guess that was a change for 2020. We didn’t get the infotainment system! Only packages were LEDs,Skytop, tow and cold weather!
  4. 2020 Sahara Unlimited Auto Diming Rear View Mirror?

    Hey guys! We just took delivery of our 2020 JLUs yesterday! Last night we noticed the mirror was the old standard type. I could have swore it said Auto Dimming rear view mirror on the sheet. Did this get changed for 2020? only packages were tow, cold weather, led package and Skytop. 2.0 engine...
  5. September Money Factor?

    What is the money factor for a 2020 wrangler unlimited Sahara. 39months/15k miles a year. Dealer is giving me a money factor of .00410 which is almost a 10% rate. Before I tell him how I think about that can someone give me a base moneyfactor rate? Assume top Tier credit. Thanks!!