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  1. Indiana 2021 Rubicon on 37's

    Found factory build sheet. Take 50k even. Have right at 12k in the additional build. Soft top, and hard top both included.
  2. Indiana 2021 Rubicon on 37's

    2021 Granite Crystal Rubicon. -8,550 miles, 3.6, 6-speed manual -mopar lift w/jeep crate included -motobilt front winch bumper (powder coated satin black) -motobilt rear bumper (powder coated satin black) -motobilt tire carrier (powder coated satin black) -M.O.R.E. hide a step on each door...
  3. Indiana (5) Rubicon wheels-no tpms-$400

    Spacers are sold.
  4. Indiana (5) Rubicon wheels-no tpms-$400

    Bump. Spacers pending sale.
  5. Ohio JCR Inner Fender Liner

    Where in Ohio? You don't happen to need 1.75 wheel spacers, do you?
  6. Indiana Rugged Ridge 2" hitch. NIB

    No problem. I understand. I'd travel to the Greenwood area if you get around that way. No worries either way my friend.
  7. Indiana Rugged Ridge 2" hitch. NIB

    I'm by scottsburg which is in the southern part of Indiana.
  8. Indiana (5) Rubicon wheels-no tpms-$400

    Bump with lowered price of $400.
  9. Indiana (5) Rubicon wheels-no tpms-$400

    Haven't put one on a scale, but other forum members are saying they weigh approximately 21.5 lbs each.
  10. Indiana Sold: (5) Rubicon wheels-no tpms-$400

    5 Rubicon wheels with 5,000 miles on them before take off. Like brand new. Never off road. No tpms as I used them on my new wheels. Also have 4 teraflex 1.75 spacers with lugs I'd sell for an additional $75. I prefer local sales.
  11. Indiana 2" hitch NIB

    Never been out of the box Rugged Ridge 2" reciever hitch. Asking $50. Southern Indiana area.
  12. Indiana Rugged Ridge 2" hitch. NIB

    New in box Rugged Ridge (11580.11) 2" reciever hitch with all hardware for an 18-21 JL. Never been out of the box. Ended up with a spare and don't need this one. Prefer local sale. Might possibly ship on buyers dime. Asking $50. Wiring NOT included
  13. Georgia $800 (willing to part out) : Mopar 2" Lift Fox 2.5 Shocks + other Mopar 2" Lift components

    Please let me know if buyer doesn't take the shocks. Very interested. Thanks.
  14. Massachusetts Fox Mopar 2.5 Shocks

    Interested. Still available?
  15. License plate relocation

    Fold down plate frame from a 69 camero on a Motobilt crusher bumper. Will post pics of finished product later.