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  1. Is this sound normal?

    Im guessing this is normal, but Im not the most knowedgable about engines so Im worried I messed something up. I just noticed this ticking noise after I turn my engine off, about 3=4 "ticks" coming from the engine bay. It can be feintly heard at the very end of this video, might have to turn...
  2. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    Thanks, thats kinda what I figured. One other question for ya'll. The instructions are kinda vague in regards to when to use the main stud vs the smaller ones for high/low amp stuff. Trying to decide where to wire my ARB twin compressor and outlet for my fridge.
  3. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    Just to confirm, as Im putting one in this weekend. I have a JL with the 2.0 non-etorque engine. There is no secondary battery? I assume that means I can just skip that entire portion of the install and its as simple as replacing the main battery and wiring it up in the new battery housing?