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  1. How to sale my 4xe Rubicon to get maximum price?

    Vroom picked up the Jeep 2 days ago and direct deposit hit today. The amount was exactly what they said. They picked up at my house, paid off my loan, and sent me the difference. No issues at all.
  2. Sell our 21 to Vroom and order a 22?

    Yeah, prob not a good deal for you then. I looked at out the doors prices and mine would be about $1k more than my prior build after tax, tag, doc fee, etc. ordering from Gupton. I am still up ~$3k, and get a mileage and warranty reset. Vroom picked up my Jeep yesterday. Will be weird to be...
  3. Rubicon or willys ????

    Wrestling with the same decision. Selling my 21 Willys to Vroom and will make $4k more than I paid new. Looking to order a 22 and trying to decide between Willys and Rubicon. The Willys XR has also provided another ripple, which coincidentally costs about $4k! A 22 Rubicon (w/ V6, hardtop and...
  4. Sell our 21 to Vroom and order a 22?

    It’s all about market timing right now. My Vroom offers have been all over the place the last few months, ranging from 40k to 48.5k. I finally locked at 48.5k. I checked a few days later and it was back down to 43k.
  5. Sell our 21 to Vroom and order a 22?

    Thanks for the input. That is really my only concern at this point.
  6. Sell our 21 to Vroom and order a 22?

    I know some people are not comfortable with debt, but when I can borrow someone else’s money cheap, I will always do it. We sold both our cars to Carvana last year and used the proceeds to pay cash for my wife’s new car and financed 100% of the Jeep for 36mos @ 0%. It was like financing both...
  7. Sell our 21 to Vroom and order a 22?

    Have a 21 Willys that we bought new last Dec. We got a great deal primarily due to all great info learned on this forum. Recently received an offer from Vroom for $4k more than we paid new. Seemed like a no brainer to sell and order a 22 from Gupton for 5% under invoice. The Jeep is a third...
  8. How to sale my 4xe Rubicon to get maximum price?

    We e-signed the paperwork and returned the hard copy POA. Just waiting on them to come get it next week. I will update when the sale is complete. I was also skeptical, but so far they so good. I have sold 3x to Carvana and had no problems at all. All three were well over market. Still...
  9. How to sale my 4xe Rubicon to get maximum price?

    The market is nuts right now. Vroom just gave us $48,500 for our 1yr old Willys with 6,200 miles. We originally paid $44,500 OTD last Dec. We are in the process of ordering a 22 from Gupton.
  10. Creak/Squeak in back window/door joint

    I had the same issue and found the answer here. I put some milcomm shooters grease on the tailgate lip where the window seal meets the door and the sound was gone. This thread also recommended some 3m anti squeak tape. I ordered some but still havn’t needed it...
  11. Differential oil change

    I think I will prob do 1 quart of 75w140 and .6 quart 75w90 in the rear next time. Def noticed a hit to gas mileage/shift points (especially when it’s cold) with 75w140. I have the tow package, but don’t really tow. Would still like a little extra protection, so think this will be a good...
  12. Differential oil change

    I have the M220 LSD/Tow Package. I went with 75W-140 in the rear after reading through these forums and checking the manufacture website. While Jeep does recommend 75W85, the manufacture of the diff (Spicer) recommends 75W-140...
  13. CarPlay stopped working all of a sudden

    I even tried an apple oem usb a to lighting, but it was pretty old and I had similar connectivity issues. I was using the center console when I was having the most issues, but still had problems at the dash. It wasn’t till I switched to a new type c to lightning that came with my phone, that...
  14. CarPlay stopped working all of a sudden

    I was a using a generic usb a to lighting cable and had a bunch of issues. I went with the apple branded usb c to lighting cable and no problems since.
  15. What is a good mileage target for first oil change?

    My JLU is a weekend warrior, so I am shooting for ~5k miles/9 months for my Jeep Wave oil change/tire rotations. Just changed the rear diff fluid (M220/LSD/Tow Package) and it was breeze. Looking forward to doing my own maintenance after the Jeep Wave benefits expire. Oil change on the 3.6...
  16. Bronco in the wild

    Spotted this guy yesterday. My first sighting in the wild!
  17. Looked at new Bronco at MN State Fair, no Wrangler here though.

    Spotted this guy in the wild yesterday. My first sighting. Was hoping the owner was around so we could chat, but no luck.
  18. 12 Quarts of 5w 30 @ Sams Club for $35.96 + Tax (Get it Fast...)

    Don’t forget $10 rebate, 2 per household.
  19. Need Help With Differential Oil Type for Dana 44 M210 and M220 Tru-Lok Axles

    Just got my flex fill pouches in 75W-90/75W-140 and did mine tonight. Boy was it easy with those pouches!
  20. Differential oil change

    I have the LSD/tow package, and just went ahead and did mine tonight at 5,200 miles. The back was very black and smelled burnt, but no metal chunks and not much sludge on the magnet. Used the Valvoline flex fill 75W-140 for the rear and 75W-90 for the front. The entire process took all of about...