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  1. Favorite lift/tire combo?

    how do you like it so far? i hear positive things about mopar in person but often hear criticisms on the forums
  2. Favorite lift/tire combo?

    Have you added anything to the original kit? Track bar, control arms etc
  3. Favorite lift/tire combo?

    2019 Sahara unlimited with 2.0L, currently running 33 KO2s and stock suspension, evaluating best options for lift and eventually tires: so far I’ve been recommended the mopar 2” and the teraflex 2.5” lift. Would like to go to 35s eventually but not yet. This is a daily driver but would like to...
  4. Advice for cleaning off mud?

    Is there a specific simple green bottle you recommend?
  5. Advice for cleaning off mud?

    New Jeep owner, looking for input on cleaning mud and dirt off my Jeep, asides from power washing the undercarriage are there any parts to clean that may not be obvious? Also, is there any type of protectant spray you guys recommend using? Any related advice appreciated.
  6. Favorite spots in Mid Atlantic for mild-offroading?

    Anyone have spots they recommend for mild-offroading in the mid-atlantic? I'm familiar with the standard go-to's for more serious wheeling like Rausch, AOAA, and Reading but I'm looking for service roads, maintained trails, etc for great views and a more laid-back adventure. Looking for...
  7. Bestop Trektop vs Trektop ultra

    any idea when the trektup ultras are going to start shipping?
  8. Bestop Trektop vs Trektop ultra

    In the same exact boat here, also trying to find out the best soft top to go with. From what I've read so far it seems like twill is more durable than the black diamond.
  9. Protection for driving on sand?

    Looking to get a permit to drive on Assateague island this summer, should I consider getting any type of protection for underneath my Jeep? If so, should it be for abrasion or corrosion?
  10. New to jeeping: tires, wheels, lifts and tops

    For affordability purposes, is it a viable option to take 33s now and do a 2.5" mopar down the road? Also, any recommendations on A/T 33s?
  11. New to jeeping: tires, wheels, lifts and tops

    Thank you, yes I'm driving an automatic. Had some traction issues in the mud with the stock tires so may just go A/T and keep the same size until ready to consider lifting. I do a lot of highway driving as well, so don't want to lose performance there / struggle at higher speeds
  12. New to jeeping: tires, wheels, lifts and tops

    Hello all, brand new member to the forum community here--looking to start planning out mods for my 19 JLU Sahara, which I've had since November. Currently, everything is stock. While my primary usage for the jeep is commuting, I want to start upgrading so that I can off-road with more peace of...