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  1. New Jersey 2019 JL Sahara Unlimited Sting Grey 18k miles Asking 40k

    Up for sale is my well maintained JLU Sahara 4 cylinder with Eco Boost . Odometer reads 18864. I have 33" nitto ridge grapplers and 20" black rhino wheels I put on when i first got the car. Paid around $3600. I also upgrade sound system to an Alpine Type R which includes 2 amps and all new...
  2. Arsenal Offroad Cube Lights -- Anybody know what app to use?

    zoom in on the picture with the QR bar code on the amazon page. Open your camera and put it right over the bar code and it will open in your app store.
  3. Wiring with no aux switches

    I have no factory aux switches and Im looking to install some cube leds. Do i just ground and attach to battery? or is there somewhere i can connect to?
  4. Jeep Dog pics

    Not mine but pretty funny...where the bitches at
  5. Speaker replacement upgrade

    I should of refrained my self. He said to the untrained ear they are the same. He has installed both systems and the type r with a good amp are about the same sound quality as a top tier system. I just got my truck back and beyond impressed with type r components. he was not lying when he said...
  6. Speaker replacement upgrade

    great info. how would you compare the morel hybrid to alpines type r 5.25 components? I was going to get the morels but the dealer had the alpines in stock and told me they were the same and he can make them fit in knee panel and sound bar. I am using the same JL amp to power components and a jl...
  7. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Thank you. I have not and will not run it through a non touch car wash. There is a great hand car wash by my job so Im just going to go there. A non touch car wash over time will def show the swirls up close with this paint.
  8. Speaker replacement upgrade

    I am doing alpine type r 5.25” components in knee panels and soundbar. Powered by alpine amp and running a jl 10w6 with dedicated amp. Should be installed by saturday. Will keep everyone posted
  9. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Fresh out of the car wash
  10. Scaffold for Hardtop storage and removal works great

    awesome idea! never thought of that and i was about to spend 1k on that top lift. thank you
  11. Anyone install 6.5” speakers in JL soundbar? If so how did you do this? Any help would be appreciate

    you have to dremel a little for the 5.25 speaker to fit
  12. JL Audio Stealth Box

    2 x JL 10W1 for $1500 is not better than 1 x JL 10W7 for $800
  13. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Picked up a 19 sahara wife loved the color and they gave us a good deal on the cherokee limited fully loaded in the same color so she took it home too..... Of course i had to get 33” tires and rims asap
  14. Anyone install 6.5” speakers in JL soundbar? If so how did you do this? Any help would be appreciate

    I took my JL to an audio guy I have known my whole life. All he has ever done is car audio and is very well known. He told me you cant fit a 6.5" without major modifications. It has a 4" speaker there the biggest you can do would be 5.25. I am currently installing Alpine Type R 5.25 components(2...
  15. Best aftermarket speakers?

    JL Audio C7's are the best speakers they offer but will cost you about 4k to install. You should state your budget to get a better response
  16. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    19 JL Sahara no lift 33x12.5x20 nitto ridge grapplers 20”x10” black rhino trabuco gunmetal
  17. New Jersey Sold: 5 x JL Sahara stock 18" wheels w/lug nuts and tires w/ 500 miles no TPMS $300

    wheels and tires are in perfect condition. Local Pickup. Northern NJ area. available asap