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  1. Cheap Harbor Freight Compressor just got cheaper

    I have had that unit for a couple years now. Mostly use it to pump up the 37's on my Land Cruiser. It has worked great for that. Pete
  2. ESS and Manual transmission

    I rarely turn mine off. If it is a short stop, I just keep the clutch pedal depressed. If it is long light, the engine shuts down, and then I shift into first. No need to keep my foot on the brakes. Then when the lights is ready to change, press in the clutch, the engine fires up, and off I...
  3. my 2018 has a death wobble need help to fix the problem

    Mine did this with 27k miles. Sent it to the dealer, they replaced the damper, which had been replaced once before. The OEM part is by no means durable. Pete
  4. North Carolina Yukon 5.13's

    Wow, do I feel like a dunce :LOL: If they somehow become available again, I would certainly take them. Pete
  5. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    You can bleed the clutch hydraulics without pulling the slave cylinder. - Back the jeep up on some ramps. Make sure the rear is high enough that the back of the slave cylinder is pointing uphill. - Now push the clutch pedal in by hand and wedge something to keep in pressed down. - Climb...
  6. What is the physical limitation of the JL's ability to tow?

    Do a search on J2807. That is the SAE standard that the auto manufacturers use these days to determine tow capacity. Once you understand how the testing is done, you can make your own judgement. Pete
  7. Uconnect Navigation has been routing us off the highway onto dirt roads on road trips

    Actually, there is an option for fastest vs shortest. When it initially shows the calculated route, there is an selection just above the go icon which will allow you to select other route options. Pete
  8. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    I recently installed the headliner and am happy. I could not measure a volume decrease, but the wind noise at highway speeds is definitely mellowed out. My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is the crinkling sound the headliner makes when folding the top. Glad I spent the money. Pete
  9. Skyone Touch

    16k miles, 8 months on mine. Love it, no mechanical issues at all. My only complaints are noise, but since that doesn't matter to you ;) Pete
  10. How Can We Help?

    Need a quote on 82216416AA wiring harness and 82215652AB brake controller for my non tow package JLUR. Thanks, Pete
  11. How do you guys carry your kayaks?

    How many kayaks are you talking? It gets real old hefting them up on top of a truck. Years ago I gave that up an modified a utility trailer to use as a kayak hauler. Makes like much easier hauling four boats around. Pete
  12. New York JL Unlimited side steps

    Love the M38A1 in your avatar picture. I had one as my first car. The memories... Pete
  13. Metal cloak 2.5 lift Toyo MT HARD pull right.

    If it tracks straight with the stock tires, then the issue is with the new tires. Try swapping the tires side to side and see if the pull moves to the other direction. Pete
  14. Brake pedal?

    Many offroad biased vehicle have longer travel brake pedals. It is much easier to modulate braking offroad when braking varies by position more so that pressure on the brake pedal. Pete
  15. KO2 tire pressure

    The 37 psi factory pressure is for mpg. You will wear out the center of the tire prematurely at that pressure. I'll echo what has been said above, 32 psi works great.
  16. Livernois Mycalibrator Tune Claims 50HP Gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler

    I'll try to get a video this weekend. But to try to put it in words. At one point on my commute, I have to turn onto a highway from a side street. Half the time I need to use max acceleration to keep from getting run over. So first gear to redline, shift to second, the engine does not lower...
  17. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Ignore the payload sticker. Gross vehicle weight is 5700 lbs, curb weight is 4,449-4,521 lbs, depending on the source. That's 1200 lbs. If you are going to load it to the GVWR, make sure you weigh it at the CAT scales to determine if you are exceeding gross axle weights. Or don't worry about...
  18. oil total black? while oil life still 14% left

    Miles driven is really rather irrelevant to oil life. 10,000 miles highway is a whole lot less degradation to the oil than 10,000 miles driven in the city. The oil life monitor is taking a lot more inputs into consideration than a simple odometer based oil change interval does. Color of the...
  19. JL Wrangler Manual Transmission - 2nd Gear Disengagement (Popping Out of Gear)

    They either installed the shifter cables wrong, or more likely the cables are way out of adjustment. Can you still shift into 5th or 6th gear? Is 2nd gear in line with your new reverse? Pretty crazy for sure. Pete