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  1. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Hoping to find the time before the end of the month to install the kit.
  2. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Really looking forward to this being available!
  3. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    Looks very promising and overbuilt (perfect).
  4. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    Awesome! definitely going to be the next purchase for my JL.
  5. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    @nap2422 - Does this look like the set you ordered:
  6. Edelbrock Super Charger: reviews, installs, information

    Out of Stock but at least it is finally on their website:
  7. Topsy Lift thread

    Swimming noodles or pipe insulation on a Racor lift - It's not for protection while you're lifting. Instead, it protects the hard top from being scratched by the when lowering the platform to initially hookup/lift the hard top or when setting the hard top back down on the Jeep.
  8. Connecticut Boomerang Tire Cover Textured Black FREE

    Your right about the shipping - did some checking myself. Between buying the packing material and shipping, it is cost prohibitive. Hopefully a geographical closer buyer comes along.
  9. Connecticut Boomerang Tire Cover Textured Black FREE

    Would you be willing to ship?
  10. Driver seat lowering bracket?

    Haven't seen any lower brackets yet unfortunately. The holdup is that there is no elevation/bracket on the front right bolt location - the seat rail bolts directly to the floor/side if the transmission tunnel. Directly behind this is a wring harness that is a snug fit with the stock bracket...
  11. Tall people, big guys, you might want to reconsider the JL...

    At 6'3 and more padding than I should have, the seat is plenty high at its lowest height adjustment. My problem is I like to sit up straight when I drive a vehicle. This puts me in the sound bar or freedom panel. Had a friend drive my Jeep that hates seats set up that straight. He angled the...
  12. Rain Gutter 'Extensions/Block'

    This Prototype was from Late April/Early May when I asked for an update via email. Indicated they were still working on perfecting the changes to the molds needed to produce the parts.
  13. JLUS Squeals During Sharp Turn

    Glad to here they got it turned around in short order. Hopefully the u-joint being on back order is not the result of a larger issue with failures.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I've seen a new pair of dark blue jeans do something similar to a vehicle seat - possible dye transfer?
  15. What Do You Do With The Rear Window Bag

    It's not ideal, but for those that have a 4 door JLU: Roll the bag up the same way that it came when it was new. I put 2 bungee straps on it to hold it together. It should fit under the back seat if rolled small enough. I have done this a couple of times and you need to be careful sharp...
  16. Can a manual trans JL be “roll started” in an emergency?

    Or just make sure to have a tow strap and appropriate hardware & have someone give you a tug.
  17. Oh #*:;?/*':!** My Manual Transmission Just Died

    Hopefully a new clutch and related parts will have you back on the road again. That rollback wrecker definitely looks like it has seen better days. From your picture, tie down placement leaves a little to be desired.
  18. JLUS Squeals During Sharp Turn

    Wonder if it could be the U-joint? Hopefully your dealership will be able to diagnose/repair without much difficulty.