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  1. Is there a video on how to completely remove the soft top?

    Youtube is filled with videos on removing the panels and putting the top down but what about actually dismounting the soft top from the Jeep?
  2. How do I install these Halo lights?

    UPDATE: Thanks @Arterius2 I used the T-tap from Autozone and some electrical glue as well as those little rubber strips you melt on with a lighter for weather proofing everything. I cut off those hook looking things, stripped 1/4" of plastic off of the wires and then applied T-tap and all of...
  3. How do I install these Halo lights?

    Hey all, So I've bought these Halo lights from Jeep Federation. They came with no instructions and all Jeep Federation youtube videos end the tutorial for install by saying, "and go ahead and attach (tap) the wires to these green and amber wires" but never actually show how to do that. Can...
  4. 103 degrees out -- top back on?

    FL, hot af. I just got back in town and took the doors off. Honestly as long as the soft top is on I'm fine. The rain is the main issue.
  5. Confessions of a Mall Crawler

    This post gave me life! I took the doors/top off the Jeep this weekend and drove south for a triathlon with the gf here in Florida. There just isn't a better vehicle to do that in. Coming over a bridge and seeing the coast and water with the top down is always amazing.
  6. Auto Start/Stop in Florida is the worst...

    Florida man checking in. Anyone outside of Florida telling you to shut up about the heat has no idea what they're talking about. When I forget to turn off auto-start/stop and my AC shuts off I can immediately tell. The "feels like" temp is usually well above 100 degrees in the afternoon here.
  7. Advice on buying 2019 sport 2-door in Florida

    Yea big thanks to everyone for the help and my boy @multicam for the help along the way!
  8. Advice on buying 2019 sport 2-door in Florida

    Thanks man. I've reached out to them.
  9. Advice on buying 2019 sport 2-door in Florida

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a fairly base sport, 2-door, automatic, soft top in Florida (Tampa Bay area) for my first Jeep. I visited a dealership recently that tried to sell me the wrangler I wanted but with a bunch of add-ons I didn't want. In addition to this they offered me 5k for a 2013...