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  1. Correct TPMS for a 2019

    Awesome, thanks! I thought that was the case. I'm having that one installed today. The ebay cheapo set for $50 for 5 is coming back to bite me.
  2. Correct TPMS for a 2019

    Seems like a simple question but yet I can't discern the correct answer. What is the correct TPMS I need for a 2019 Sport S Unlimited? I see 2 different part numbers thrown around. It looks like Schrader 20398 was the original and that Schrader 29093 is either the new or replacement part...
  3. Soft Top window blowing out

    @RubiRed Is this fix still working for you? I had the dreaded experience 2 weeks ago of my passenger side window flying off on the highway and being destroyed by traffic behind me and trying to avoid losing another window...sigh.
  4. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    I did a sort of "blind sound test" to see if some of the theories in this thread about these speaker upgrade not being worth it would pan out. I had replaced the front upper corner dash with the Infinity's in this thread and replaced the sound bar with the JL's also mentioned in this thread...
  5. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    How much of a major PITA? I've seen a video where it shows the whole dash doesn't need to come out, just the bottom below the steering wheel and the glove box. Is that feasible or was it just easier to remove everything else? I'm debating if the knee speaker upgrade is worth the PITA. I'm...
  6. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    Did you keep the Alpine premium factory amp and head unit ? I read another post that said swapping the knee panels for the metra with 6.5s wouldn't be a big difference because of factory amp limitations. Sounds like that may not be the case? Just how bad was the knee speaker replacement --...
  7. Arizona Proximity Handles

    Are the handles and caps for the 2 front doors and swing gate?
  8. Florida JTOPS USA Sunshade Dense Titanium

    Is this shippable/are you willing to ship?
  9. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    I'm interested to hear what you think of the JL Audio C2-350x. I have the same feeling about the Infinity
  10. Texas Mopar OEM LED Headlights (DFW area)

    Sent you a PM
  11. California 2021 OEM LED fog lights

    Happen to know if these would work/fit in a Sport S bumper?
  12. Texas Mopar OEM LED Headlights (DFW area)

    Hmm, okay. I have a 2019 Sport S and definitely interested. I'm going to search around a little bit here and see how big of a project I'm getting myself in to get it fully functioning. I'm not super mechanically inclined but I have already removed the grill/headlights once before to put in...
  13. Texas Mopar OEM LED Headlights (DFW area)

    Anyone know if these would work on a JLU Sport S? I have Tazer to tell the vehicle it has LEDs
  14. Looking for side mirrors for door-less driving. Soooo many options out there

    Oh, where did you get these? I like the look of these! How much vibration do you notice from these?
  15. Ohio Upgraded Sport Wheels Granite Crystal w/TPMS

    They are not currently on the wheels but are included. Tire shop misunderstood what I wanted when I dropped it off. TPMS is also already on the wheels. I can have the tires remounted as well, no biggie.