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  1. Public Charging?

    You have to really watch out with public charging prices compared to the local rates. Here, electricity is about 8-12c. Some public chargers the owners want to charge $3/hr for a 6KW charger. That's 50c/Kwh! Some of the EVgo chargers around here are 39c, while others are 10c. You have to pay...
  2. Level 2 Charger Install

    The wire is $4-$5/foot right now, plus they will mark it up from there. The breakers are $10 for non GFCI, $100 for GFCI. You can do the math on the materials. Electricity is not that complicated to do, but you have to have some basic knowledge. If the electrician shows up and sees you only...
  3. Catastrophic 4xe engine issues? Anybody else?

    It could have blown off the intercooler too. It looks like a radiator on the front.
  4. Jumping battery if alone?

    One of the best channels on Youtube!
  5. Eliminating Smoke Smell

    Try putting some dryer sheets under the seats for a few days...
  6. When the dealership checks to see if youve abused your jeep…

    I think the problem with a lot of the customer service issues is the decline of the independently owned dealerships. All the corporate dealerships are all interconnected, and share data and notes on the customers and just try to bilk all the money they can from anyone. They will try to "deny"...
  7. Living with a Black Hardtop, in Texas.

    On my 4xe I have the SOT this time…. I’m not sure on the configuration of the JL, but on one of my JK’s, I painted the top of the hard top white. You couldn’t see it normally. There was a slight recess along the length of the top and I used that as a guide when I painted it. On another JK I had...
  8. Overheating - Can I use coolant additive to keep temps down?

    When we were towing our popup the temp would rise a bit. I don't remember the number, but the lights never came on. I found that if the traction battery was not dead, I could put it into manual most to make it run as a true hybrid and the EV power would reduce the load on the engine by about 33%...
  9. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    There is no Off-Road+ on the 4XE.... What exactly does it give the gas powered versions? I think you can lock the lockers in high gear?
  10. Tire Fill Alert

    Maybe with the chip shortages they changed the TPMS system and used the continental sensors on yours? On my sticker, its listed on the sticker as having the select fill tire alert system:
  11. Tire Fill Alert

    Do you have the towing package?
  12. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    I don't get why they made it so big. LEDs are tiny, they could have made that whole assembly not take up the whole dash pocket.
  13. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    Wireless Carplay will not come until the interior refresh, which might be for the '23 model year. The Wrangler had an interior refresh after 5 years in the JK and I think the TJ. They will have to put in a Uconnect 5 system for wireless Carplay, which would require a new center stack. I think...
  14. Modification needed if installing Genesis dual battery system in 4xe

    I was going to put a Genesis kit in my 4XE, but after doing some testing, I'm not sure its needed. I had one in my JK, and the OP is correct, they make some great kits. I think in the 4XE I am just going to swap the factory battery for a deep cycle battery. The 4XE needs no starting load from a...
  15. Will this damage my battery?

    That's the thing... you don't need CCA with a 4XE. You only need about 5 amps to get the Jeep started.
  16. Will this damage my battery?

    The good thing is that you don't need the 12V battery to start the car. It just needs enough juice to unlock the door and power on the computers and close the contactors to the HV battery. After that, the charging system will kick on and provide 2200 watts to the 12V side. I keep my fridge with...