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  1. Shrockworks * NEW * rear bumper installed.

    I might have to get that. I have an ARB front bumper but they don't offer their rear bumper with ParkSense. I had a rear bumper & sliders from Shrockworks on an old XTerra and I was impressed by their quality.
  2. Lets see those personalized plates!!!

    That's confusing my brain lol. BTW, is that what 35's on a Rubicon with stock suspension looks like? I have the stingray gray 4door Rubicon too and have thought about going with larger tires. It looks like the back end is sagging- either actually sagging or the shapes of the front vs back...
  3. Lets see those personalized plates!!!

    Please tell me that's bags.
  4. Lets see those personalized plates!!!

    I have no idea what these meant. Vanity plates bug me when I don't understand them: SQRTS -squirts? I don't know what that means except for a thing girls can do or what happens after Mexican food. N12SAND - None too sandy? WAOLIFE - World Allergy Organization? First Google result SOLI -...
  5. When will Flat Black go away

    I was curious if new cars can get a patina look and after a quick search, Porsche coincidentally JUST started offering an oxidized metal patina on their cars. I want to hate it but, I'm mixed I imagine it's difficult to find the real deal...
  6. Air Bag Delay in Deploying

    Oh my. I'm sorry that happened! This is unacceptable for airbags to delay like that. If anything, a delayed airbag would probably do more damage than it properly deploying, I imagine. I've had the bag scrape up my arm but that is kinda expected. Hitting your head like that is frightening...
  7. What if you want to lift your Rubicon an inch or 2?

    Thanks. Will do. Maybe not anytime soon. These tires look like they will take a while to wear down lol
  8. What if you want to lift your Rubicon an inch or 2?

    Thanks you for the additional considerations. I think if I were to put all of that together, I would want to achieve maybe 2" of lift and ground clearance over my stock Rubicon with 35" tires. It sounds like the tires would give me 1" of extra clearance. And you're right. I don't understand...
  9. What if you want to lift your Rubicon an inch or 2?

    Yes I have a Rubicon. I think some taller tires might be the thing for me. Thanks folks!
  10. What if you want to lift your Rubicon an inch or 2?

    It would be for looks but w/o screwing anything up. I had an XTerra that I lifted w/ spacers, tires, and some leaf springs and I didn't know if it was the best route to take.
  11. What if you want to lift your Rubicon an inch or 2?

    Without knowing much else myself, I would say the main goal 1st would be to raise it an inch or 2 and not compromise the ride quality or integrity. Like I wouldn't need to articulate over some boulder my Jeep could already handle as is, but I wouldn't want to bend and break something with the...
  12. What if you want to lift your Rubicon an inch or 2?

    I keep seeing posts about lifting other JL's with Rubicon parts but what if you want to make your Rubicon taller? What are the common goto upgrades? Spacers, a lift kit, or taller tires? And would there need to be any supplemental upgrades to accomodate the change?
  13. Took the doors off then this happened

    I hate cliffhanger topic starters. Just say what the problem is because clearly you can't go back and search for a topic when it's "check this out." Stop with the dramatic clickbait crap. It's like reading posts from this churn site
  14. Bumper Design and Weight Considerations

    I got an ARB Classic maybe a month or 2 ago. 190 lbs. I don't think I notice the weight. If I did, it wasn't for long and I no longer do.
  15. Android Auto only plays on right rear speaker

    I will also note that volume control does not work when it's doing this.
  16. Android Auto only plays on right rear speaker

    First post. Recently in my 2020 JL Rubicon, when connected to Android Auto via the USB-C input port, audio only plays on the right rear speaker. I can unplug and plug in my phone many times and it will eventually play out of all 4 speakers. But most 95% of the time it's acting up. I have a...
  17. Smittybilt seat cover experience?

    My mom was fiddling with it and didn't try to force tuck it in as I thought it was supposed to. If you play with just keeping it out and kinda attaching the velcro to a different piece of the bottom part it seemed to work easier.
  18. Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Gen2 seat covers with molle for JL

    I got some for Christmas. I like them. I used to have a Jeep logo'd towel thing from eBay which just sheds fuzzy junk that just hangs in the air. This is much better though I wish it looked easier to take off if I need to wash them.