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  1. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Our twin! Looking good with the new wheels
  2. CEL light on, drive mode buttons not working **found trouble code

    Loaners are not required, it's up to each dealer as far as I know. When you say Switch Bank - are you referring to the Aux Switches, or something else?
  3. 67 Designs phone mount for the 4xe.

    Looks like you got the double ball base for the driver side - how did yours fit? I got the single ball base and I needed to shave mine down with a dremel to get it to sit flush in the dash. I reached out to 67D and they offered a replacement but functionally mine works just fine, I was just...
  4. 2021 Rubicon - Select Fill Alert / Tire fill alert missing

    4xE ordered in May, built at end of July, delivered in August '21, can confirm, NO selectable tire fill alert. Bummer for sure.
  5. SunPass on the windshield. Yuk. Stop the pain.

    In a lot of places paying by plate is more expensive than a local transponder. We usually just mist ours with a light coating of black spray paint, makes a big difference and mutes the bright white rectangle in the windshield from the outside. Don't need a lot of paint to make a difference.
  6. Desperate for mats and cargo liner...

    I bought Part # 82215986 | $165 USD which includes Front and Rear floor mats (no cargo mat) from a local dealer who had a set in stock. They fit perfect and have red Jeep logos. My dealer said they're backordered until at least December but some places still had a little stock leftover from...
  7. Public Charging?

    The only issue I had was the charger I pulled up to wouldn't work after 3 tries. The one I'm plugged into for the next space over worked first shot. The app has a comments section you can leave notes in, if the charger is broken or slow, etc. It's pretty useful.
  8. Dealer loaners.

    6 months ago our dealer loaned us a used compass that reeked like smoke while our JLUR was in for warranty engine work. It was so bad my wife couldn't drive it. Had it for almost 2 weeks. I'd feel like they cared more if the loaner was something that was actually presentable or comparable to...
  9. Expedition 51 degrees

    1500 miles sounds a little short. I did an out-and-back (not a loop) to the top of Newfie in 2016 and it was like 3200 miles. Loops can be 3000+ miles also. Don't get me wrong, it's a great trip. Newfoundland is spectacular. I have the Trans Taiga and James Bay on my list just need to find...
  10. Public Charging?

    Jealous of you guys with cheap electricity. We pay 23c/kw up here in MA. My office has subsidized chargers installed that I pay 12c/kw for, it's great because I use 90% of my charge to get to work, can recharge by lunchtime, and drive home on all electricity again. First time using the...
  11. 4xe complete shut down on busy highway

    We had our 2018 3.6/Auto wrangler do this to us at a red light in a busy intersection with 33k miles on it. We lost all engine power and barely limped it into a fire station parking lot. Towed to the dealer, diagnosis was a burnt/dropped valve, requiring a new head. It was repaired in 1-2...
  12. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    Took a roadtrip this weekend. Jeep was flawless over 255 miles round trip.
  13. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    Update - After an overnight charge, no MIL this morning. Took it to the dealer to take a look at the stored codes: Circuit short to battery Lost comms w/TCM Lost comms w/HVAC Control Module Lost Comms with Body Control Module Lost Comms with ECM/PCM Brake System Hydraulic Leak Jeep drives...
  14. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    Checked them at delivery, all were fine.
  15. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    270 miles and unfortunately adding our 4xe to this list today. Drove to work just fine on a full charge, used about 50% of the battery. Nice day out, mid 70s. Nothing abnormal. Went to start it after work, dash gave me the christmas tree treatment. Service electronic stability control system...
  16. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    We use one of these and it's great. Can be used in the back of the jeep if necessary by small people. Folds into a briefcase, can be used as a seat or stool when closed (multipurpose!). Not all that expensive and not as inefficient as a 5gal bucket when it comes to finding space for it. Most...
  17. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    We only use the in-dash plug for our phones, never the in-console plug because all of our car phone cords are USB-C. The only eye rolling I'm doing after upgrading our '18 JLUR to the '21 JLUR 4xE is from the massive improvement in POWERRRRRRRRRRR
  18. Trailer vs Seat delete

    We've slept in the jeep with the seats folded. I built a platform and we slept on that so I could stuff a fridge in the Jeep. We've slept in a RTT on a rhino rack backbone system. Now we've upgraded to a 5x8 cargo trailer with a RTT on the roof. The kid sleeps inside the trailer, parents and...
  19. Best combo for reliability?

    Buy the one you can afford that you like to drive and roll the dice on reliability. I would also order one as soon as you possibly can because the prices will never get any lower. Our "simple" 2018 JLUR w/3.6 auto (no etorque) dropped a valve in the middle of an intersection and had to be...
  20. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Delivered 8/24 Picked up 8/26 112 days and well worth the wait!