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  1. Tailgate Bumpstops?

    Just loosen the 10mm bolts and you can slide it out and even up If you need to. If you pull it as far out as you can the tailgate might not close. So you don’t have to move it out too much. Ever since adjusting it My tailgate finally doesn’t thump on big bumps! I was already looking into...
  2. Tailgate Bumpstops?

    Finally figured out how to stop the tailgate from rattling on big bumps! Super easy quick fix as long as you’ve already address the tailgate bumps stops. All you need to do is adjust the bottom tailgate striker out and up a bit. I noticed my tailgate would flex because of my 37in spare. Just...
  3. The Tire Carrier Thread

    That’s the same setup I have and I can’t keep the tire from bouncing/vibrating on big bumps. I’ve tried everything. I’ve torqued all the bolts, PVC bumpstop extension, even removing the mopar reinforcement bracket and that only made things worse. I’m starting to think it’s the Smittybilt...
  4. Tailgate Bumpstops?

    I have the same set up as you except I got the Smittybilt bracket and I’m also noticed the tire bounces pretty hard on large bumps. Did the DIY bumpers fix the issue??
  5. Cruise Control and Speedo Out of Sync

    I did the remote start on the Jeep and now it’s fixed! Super weird. Must be a software issue
  6. Cruise Control and Speedo Out of Sync

    Same issue with mine. I just noticed it today. I was planning on putting a lift on my Jeep this weekend and now I’m worried if this is a warranty issue they might tell me they’re not gonna cover it because of the lift!
  7. speedometer difference

    I have a Jeep JL Rubicon and just noticed it’s doing the exact same thing as described.
  8. Low Speed Acceleration Shudder

    I drove it in manual mode and it didn’t do it. Not sure what it could be. Hope it’s nothing big. I finally decided to buy a new car so I wouldn’t have to be worrying about car problems
  9. Low Speed Acceleration Shudder

    I have a Rubicon JL with 1000k miles and I’ve been experiencing the same problems. A sudder when slowing down. The Jeep feels like it wants to take off. It also does it when coasting around 30 MPH it feels like it slows down and then wants to accelerate. All happens within a second. Like a go...
  10. Rubicon auto transmission issue

    I have a JL Rubicon 1000k Miles and it’s doing the same thing. Doesn’t do it all the time but once it starts itll keep doing it the rest of the day. Feels like the acceleration is off. Like a go cart with a carburetor problem. When you’re coming to a stop it, even with the brake slightly...