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  1. Did the Wranger Unlimited lose it’s cool with the JL?

    The JL is the supposed to be the most rugged Jeep to roll off the assembly line yet . I think you are wayyyyyy off on your assessment.
  2. Build options changed on

    Lol . I only asked so I could order different tires before the build got here if I ended up with the tires I didn't want. I could never leave Jeep though .
  3. Build options changed on

    Thanks for the info man, I thought it was generated when I got the VIN. I was told it was scheduled to begin it's build on 08/05. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Build options changed on

    Dealership not looking to give me back the 3500 I put down. They will lose
  5. Build options changed on

    FCA Community site, the link was in a jeep forum.
  6. Build options changed on

    I'm starting to think my build got canceled. Apparently according to the build sheet site my VIN doesn't exist. May be time to get my deposit back and buy something else.
  7. Build options changed on

    Good morning all, I ordered the sport Altitude on 07/06. In between when I ordered and now they changed some available options , no longer the off road tires option but added mirrors on the frame instead of door. Is this common? I ordered mine with the all terrain tires, will I still get them...
  8. This is weird Easter egg on a Rubicon

    So then Where the hell is down east ? I grew up on the east coast and never heard down east
  9. Is jeep going to do something for people don’t get the golden tailgate tag?

    I hear that, they told me my Jeep is going to be built Aug 5th . I don't believe them.