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  1. Texas UD 44, brakes, and more!

    OK let me know. Because I’m gonna end up building something similar and I would just be nice to swap mine out. I have factory Rubicon’s with 480 eights currently
  2. Texas UD 44, brakes, and more!

    How much are you trying to get for the set?
  3. Passenger Side Lean Metalcloak 3.5

    I want to say thank you Will @CloakedWillys. I called up about my lean. Will had me take a couple of photos and sent me out the front and rear spacers free of charge in just a couple of days. Thank you Will and thank you @Metalcloaks!
  4. Passenger Side Lean Metalcloak 3.5

    Who do I need to call or talk to you about getting the parts needed to correct? And is it going to be possible if I bought the jeep with the lift already installed? Rides great. off-road it’s great. But it kills me every time I walk out to see that hard passenger lean.
  5. Washington WTS- Black Sport S Fenders and Liners + Sahara Grill

    Would you be interested in shipping the Grille? Texas 76904. Do you have any pics of the back of the grille?
  6. Ohio OEM Satin Black Grill for JL for sale

    your pictures don’t show that. I run a Rubicon that has the three piece front grill. You’re missing this corner and bottom trim on your unit. Or again that’s at least what the picture show. Noticed the notches in your image compared to this complete grill.
  7. Ohio OEM Satin Black Grill for JL for sale

    No worries but you don’t have that bottom piece on there. That reduces the value of this product just letting you know. I bought and sold multiple of these. I feel like i shot you a good price. Keep me in mind.
  8. Oregon Swap Black Grille for Sting Gray

    I can. It is rainy and dark here at the moment. I can grab some tomorrow. The main blemishes are where the winch cables rub on the bottom of the grille behind the winch.
  9. Texas OEM Recon Front Grill - Sting Gray Border

    I’d be a buyer at 150 and I pay shipping to San Angelo.
  10. Ohio OEM Satin Black Grill for JL for sale

    This looks like the three piece correct? I would be interested in 150 and I’ll pay shipping to Texas
  11. California Trade: Brand new black Willys grille for white

    How much would you want for just the grill purchase wise?
  12. Oregon Swap Black Grille for Sting Gray

    Mines has blemishes but I’d be interested if you are.
  13. Washington CavFab - Jeep JL Elite Series Body Mounted Spare Tire Carrier - $700

    If you don't find a buyer locally. I would be interested for 600 Shipped to Texas. Thank you.
  14. Vermont FALCON 2.2 STEERING STABILIZER: $275

    I purchased this stabilizer from Petey003. He delivers as promised. Product was in great shape and worked for me perfectly. Thank you @Petey003
  15. Vermont FALCON 2.2 STEERING STABILIZER: $275

    Did you end up getting rid of this? I am interested.
  16. KC HiLiTES Is Officially Joining The JL Wranglers Forum Community

    @KC HiLiTES what is the most economical route to purchase 10 of the white flood Cyclones. Wanting to use 8 for rock lights and 2 to add to reverse/camp lighting. Thank you KC