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  1. JL Offset & Backspacing Finally Answered!

    Thanks! That’s really helpful, appreciate it and enjoy your weekend.
  2. Rubi Recon

    Thanks. I have to say that the team at TeraFlex are really helpful. Have been chatting with whoever handles their Facebook messages for a while now going over differences in between the SP2 and the non-SP2 versions of the 3.3 Fast Adjust. Really patient and informative.
  3. JL Offset & Backspacing Finally Answered!

    Legitimate questions, not trying to be rude or flippant... examples of what people are running is interesting but there aren’t any “answers” in this thread. We are going to attempt to afford solid upgrades for a trip to the Rubicon Trail next summer and would like to actually make it through...
  4. FOX 2.0 Reservoir Shocks

    Thx that’s on I’m considering.
  5. Rubi Recon

    Thanks for the video. Helping my daughter figure out upgrades for for her JLU Rubi a Rubicon Trail trip next summer and seriously looking at those shocks. The info about needing to do the bottom adjustment in addition the fast adjust was particularly good info given it wouldn’t seem necessary...
  6. FOX 2.0 Reservoir Shocks

    I’m looking at the Falcon’s for my daughter’s JLU Rubicon. Which Falcon model do you have?
  7. Superchips is Building a 2020 2.0T JL Wrangler!

    Interesting that the primary dependency is octane... I’m confident that people don’t switch octane in their tanks when they go off road particularly since odds are high that they aren’t going to arrive at their riding site with an empty tank. It would be really useful if you could have profiles...
  8. Superchips is Building a 2020 2.0T JL Wrangler!

    Looking sharp. Question... I’ve never done a tune on a car but I seem to recall that some have the ability to switch the tune profile so you can have like a commuting profile and a performance profile. Britt puts most of her driving is on the road and she gets great mileage with her 2.0T with...
  9. Cheap fridge/freezer on websites??

    Does it also work as a freezer? We just started RV’ing full-time and have been thinking about one of these for long distance grocery runs
  10. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    The only thing my daughter hates about Bikini is seeing another one in the wild. Personally I love it too and get a smile every time I see hers. She plans on ditching the color matched fenders though and getting some black steel high clearance ones as her next mod in addition to a winch.
  11. Hope I didn’t make a mistake

    Thanks, we found it was all in making her learn that actions have consequences at an early age, literally age 4. She’s a great young woman and the Jeep has already made for some good daddy daughter trips
  12. Jeep Wrangler Warranty Instant Quote

    35 years ago, damn that makes me feel old... anyway, I learned that a good way to get good service is to build a relationship with a single service writer. Just like any relationship, Make it a personal relationship, chit chat about interests, and industry happenings. Ask for their extension...
  13. I love my Rubicon - it’s AC, not so much...

    Remote start with climate control set to start when the Jeep starts. Use the Uconnect app to start it when you can’t use the FOB because of distance or building interference.
  14. New Jeep-Themed Apparel - JeepDoodles is Now a Forum Sponsor

    LOL I’d hope so! Daughter’s b-day is coming up, going to PM you now for color mods for the Jeep Hair design
  15. Giveaway of the Month - August 2020 -- JL Wrangler HD Drag Link

    My daughter and I are just getting started and steering would definitely be a great upgrade since my brother is bound to get her in some tight spots! As a noob, I really appreciate the video about the drag link on your site. It gave a great overview of the function and benefits of the part
  16. Hope I didn’t make a mistake

    I had some concerns about buying... ahem my daughter buying her new 2019 Rubicon with the 2.0T eTorque because it was so new. I read some info that it was essentially a ported engine from another FCA model but can’t remember which one, but it gave a warm fuzzy feeling. When she test drove both...
  17. Superchips is Building a 2020 2.0T JL Wrangler!

    Our vote would be the Grey Black style but with Red instead of the Grey :like:
  18. Superchips is Building a 2020 2.0T JL Wrangler!

    Definitely watching this. Daughter’s 2019 JLU Rubicon with the 2.0T is just starting it’s journey of mods. So far: EAS Front Steel Bumper OEM Premium Twill Soft Top (thanks @Ape ) LED Spare Wheel Brake Light Red Hinge Covers Red Interior Covers for various interior parts And stickers she made...
  19. 4L and 1st Gear

    Thanks, for the feedback. Our first time out the trail leader didn’t have her manually shift at all and we didn’t feel like we ever needed more grunt. This is the first experience I’ve ever had with a vehicle that has low range 4wd and just wanted to make sure we aren’t learning to do something...