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  1. Worth trading in my 3.6 for the 3.0??

    I prefer my 3.0 over my 3.6 for driving on-road. The 3.0 turns my 39X13.5 tires effortlessly and i just did a 4 hour drive and averaged 24 mpg.
  2. Black Friday/cyber Monday what are you buying for your JL?

    Motobilt tire carrier! 30%off!
  3. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    I like driving my jl so much I decided to put all-terrain tires back on.
  4. Which one of you was this? $100K Jeep flooded and totaled in the river

    Apparently not all offroader's have a girlfriend like mine. 😀
  5. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    Nice to have quiet tires again!
  6. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    I recently purchased a set of these 39"x13.5" KO2's. They weighed an average of 80.4 lbs each. Possibly a typo on BFG's website, maybe it's supposed to say 79.49lbs instead of 69.49lbs.
  7. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    @Discount Tire , do you have an idea of when the 39x13.50r-17 ko2's will be available?
  8. Steepest youve gone with your wrangler? Think i almost rolled mine.

    I've had my diesel sport at 30° roll, I should've taken a pic. I'm also curious to know what the tipping point is.
  9. tell me what I just saw:

    Roof hatch? We need more pics.
  10. Extra weight affecting performance?

    I have two similar jlu's one with a 3.6 auto and one with a 3.0 diesel both with 35" tires. The 3.6 does slightly better on the rocks than the diesel.
  11. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    I feel ya, after banks sent me the wrong part I called them in order to get the correct part and they were rude. However I did finally receive the correct part and it works great, I love the pedalmonster, derringer, idash combo 😁
  12. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    I just had a similar problem, apparently the derringer plugs into the pedal monster then the pedal monster plugs into the idash then the idash plugs into the obdII port.
  13. If you had to do it all over again, would you buy another Diesel Wrang!er??

    Haven't had a chance to check peak boost yet, the derringer isn't working with the pedalmonster correctly and banks customer service has been difficult to to deal with, but that's a topic for a different thread.
  14. Taking your dog in the Jeep.

    She's a Hunt Terrier, which is a smooth haired black and tan shorty jack russell. She's a ball of energy and fearless. I just bolted the radio to the plastic.
  15. If you had to do it all over again, would you buy another Diesel Wrang!er??

    So far I'm only gettin 20 mpg's, but I haven't ran a full tank yet with the banks installed. I've been driving it like I stole it, the pedal monster/derringer combo is awesome. 500ft/lbs of torque makes me smile 😁
  16. If you had to do it all over again, would you buy another Diesel Wrang!er??

    I bought one. Only 1k miles so far, no problems. Just installed a pedal monster and derringer, I'm gonna need new tires sooner than I thought 😎
  17. Taking your dog in the Jeep.

    I think my dog is more excited to go wheelin than I am.
  18. Would you buy another 3.0L EcoDiesel? Why? Why not?

    My diesel is quite a bit nicer to drive on the road than my 3.6 at. The diesel is quiet, smooth and powerful.
  19. JL resale values are insane!

    So... After reading this thread I checked on vroom to see what they would offer me for my jlur, $51,266! Msrp was 48k, I paid 44k cash. Something doesn't seem right, I don't feel comfortable accepting their offer.