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  1. Review: Rough Country 2.5" Jeep Suspension Lift Kit (2018 WRANGLER JL)

    Anyone know what I did wrong with my RC install? There were no issues with the driver side end link, but the passenger side end link is slanted. This is causing the Jeep to be mis-aligned, so it pulls a little to the right.
  2. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I don't need it, but took off the wheels to sell and noticed the missing cap. Would be nice to have all 5 caps readily available if a JK owner buys them
  3. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Q1: Anyone not get a center cap for the spare tire? I assumed it would be in the Jeep somewhere but I can't find one. Q2: Do all JLs have the plastic cover that goes over the rear backup camera? I don't have that either.
  4. Order Question

    xpsruler, have you already received your sliders yet? I ordered mine on 2/28/18 from Northridge4x4 and haven't gotten a tracking number yet
  5. Anyone running 37s on stock Rubicon wheels?

    Could you please measure the height of those tires? I've read that they run small are closer to 35.5"
  6. Factory Wheels and 37”s Without spacers. It can be done.

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!! I made a thread not too long ago asking if anyone was running 37s on stock wheels without spacers. I'm glad you were able to confirm!!
  7. Deals and Coupon/Discount Codes for Parts & Products?

    I recently bought some Ace Rock Sliders and the Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit, and used discount codes at checkout that saved me 5-10%. There are codes floating around in various threads, but I was wondering if we have a thread dedicated to rebates/codes/discounts/deals for parts and products...
  8. Little things you discovered on your JL

    How do you turn on the rear view camera while moving forward?!
  9. JLU (4DR) Rubicon rock rails

    Did you ever get a chance to try to fit/modify the JK rails onto your JL?
  10. Anyone running 37s on stock Rubicon wheels?

    That looks awesome!! What mods do you have to mount the spare tire? Edit: Oh nevemind, I saw in another thread that you are using the Rough Country rear tire bracket
  11. Rock Sliders and Side Step

    This is an option, but doesn't work with Rubi rails:
  12. Tire pressure sensors

    Your Jeep should recognize the sensors almost immediately, or a few miles at most. Are you sure they have sensors? Did you buy the Rubicon set from Trail Jeeps? If so, I remember the listing said the sensors were not included
  13. Rough Country released 2.5 inch lift today for JL Wrangler

    Please let us know when the Stage 2 kit is available for purchase!
  14. Anyone running 37s on stock Rubicon wheels?

    I think the width will be okay, because other members are running 35x12.50R17 on stock wheels. I don't know if the added height from 37s would cause any rubbing or other issues.
  15. Anyone running 37s on stock Rubicon wheels?

    Anyone running 37” tires on factory Rubicon wheels? I’m thinking of a 2.5” lift, 37x12.50R17 Mastercraft Courser MXT tires and factory Rubicon wheels without spacers if possible. I've seen 35s with factory Rubicon wheels, and 37s with aftermarket wheels, but haven't seen 37s with factory wheels.
  16. anyone running 37’s yet??

    Are you guys running 37s with aftermarket wheels or stock Rubicon wheels?
  17. JLWF / Northridge4x4 Giveaway: EVO MFG 2.5in JL Overland Boost Stage 1 Suspension System

    Just signed up for the newsletter and interested in the contest giveaway!
  18. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Looks like wheel spacers aren't needed for 35" tires and factory Rubicon wheels. Anyone running 37s on Rubicon wheels without wheel spacers?
  19. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Would you know if the Mopar tailgate kit raises the carrier? Just wondering what else is needed to mount a 37" tire on the tailgate.
  20. First Spacer lift for the JL?

    Could this work with 37s and Rubicon fenders? For trails and light offroading