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  1. JL Sport Altitude with 275/70R 18, No Lift, No Rub

    Go to this thread and see everything you need to know about wheel sizing, not sure how this thread hasn’t caught on around here with wheel fit being the number one question. Anyone that has installed larger tires and/or aftermarket wheels is encouraged to contribute...
  2. JL Sport Altitude with 275/70R 18, No Lift, No Rub

    Went with aftermarket wheels and Duratrac’s. These tires are amazing! The pics before were stock height, these new pics are with the 35” and a 2.25” lift, used a Rubicon takeoff and Teraflex .50 leveling kit.
  3. JL Sport Altitude with 275/70R 18, No Lift, No Rub

    Not great, everything was fine with he exception of corners especially at higher speeds, it didn’t feel stable. I’ve since went to 35x12.5 Duratrac’s D rated and it’s so much better.

    Yea the kit came with everything needed. If the dealer installs it will be rolled under your factory warranty too, with the extra piece of mind and no headaches with a self install that still required dealer flash to be right. I tried other brands BTW, you’ll find my post here, not a good...

    Mopar LEDs installed, had the dealer take care of it and no issues. When I tried myself I had a bunch of issues.
  6. Help! Problems with Mopar LED Headlamp Installation (Halogen Replacements)

    I had problems with two lights flickering before I finally went with a new set. Be takeoffs.
  7. Help! Problems with Mopar LED Headlamp Installation (Halogen Replacements)

    Try another dealer. I ended up having the dealer install a new set and no problems at all. They flashed, no tazer.
  8. Help! Problems with Mopar LED Headlamp Installation (Halogen Replacements)

    Did you have the dealer flash it? I recently tried a new set of Mopar LED headlamps and also installed a Rubi bumper with LED fogs and success! They’ve been in for about three weeks now with zero issues.
  9. Steering Service Bulletin Denied - Advice Please

    I had the same experienc, went to another dealer and they ordered and installed the new gear within 4 weeks.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    ✔ Rubicon Bumper ✔ Mopar LED Fogs ✔ Mopar LED Headlamps ✔ Red Tow Hooks
  11. Oracle Oculus Fogging/Condensation/Moisture

    Thanks Oracle, but I want to understand from others if this moisture eventually go away permanently. From what I’ve seen you manufacture these in New Oreleans where it’s humid, I think that’s a fair statement, but not after many days in cold Ohio weather. I love these lights but don’t want to...
  12. Oracle Oculus Fogging/Condensation/Moisture

    For those that own the Oracle Oculus headlamps I have three questions: How long have the headlamps been installed? Do you still have Fogging in the lenses? If “No” when did it stop, or did your lenses never fog? I recently purchased/installed the Oculus, they’re great but I’m not keeping...
  13. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    Hey @ORACLElights I’ve sent two DMs over the last week and about to send a third. Looking forward to hearing back from you on the most recent two.
  14. Ohio WTB - Rubicon Front Bumper Plastic or Steel

    Thanks! I’m holding out for one with the LEDs.
  15. Ohio Sold: WTB - Rubicon Front Bumper Plastic or Steel

    Looking for one thats in great condition with LED fogs and red tow-hooks. I’m open to free plastic giveaways If you’re looking to clear space, also willing to pay for the right find. Just reply here with whatever you have.
  16. Help! Problems with Mopar LED Headlamp Installation (Halogen Replacements)

    Two weeks ago I installed Mopar LED headlamps on my 2019 JL Altitude Sport. The headlamps are 2020 JLUR takeoffs, I DID NOT run the extra wire for the halos but I DID have the dealer flash and it didn’t correct the following issues: Passenger low beam occasionally shuts off after flashing the...
  17. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Mall crawler here! Hate away! I don’t give AF, love my Jeep and love most others too.

    Update: The Jeep was back at the dealer today and the passenger side headlamp was diagnosed with a bad ballist. It’s being swapped under warranty. Also learned that the Mopar wiring harness is no longer on back order and I have one on the way for install next week. I’m still looking for...
  19. Dead JLR 2.0 - post installation of MOPAR LED kit

    So was it a bad BCM? What did the dealer do? Is your Jeep still a paperweight?

    Thanks, I’ve been trying to comb through these posts but it’s hard considering the number of them. I figured a flash was the reasoning, It has not been flashed yet, I wasn’t planning on a flash until I have the halo harness installed.