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  1. Kansas Front Rubicon Steel Bumper/skid w/ LED Fogs

    Would you meet in Omaha, Thanksgiving week?
  2. Out of state buyer, Taxes & tag confusion

    I think it's all good now, but will let y'all know what's up.
  3. Out of state buyer, Taxes & tag confusion

    Ok that's interesting. I think I have it figured out now, but how long it take to get your check? Did they give you a 30 day drive away tag? I have certified info from my DMV to help us, and am prepared for different scenarios now.
  4. Out of state buyer, Taxes & tag confusion

    Did they charge the accurate fee amounts? Because that is not what's happening for me, at the moment.
  5. Out of state buyer, Taxes & tag confusion

    Thanks. It's not that they want me to pay their state taxes or register it there. They are giving me an arbitrary number, which is higher, and are saying they will cut me a check in a couple weeks, which I'm supposed to use to pay my tax title tags back home. If I did that, it would mean i drive...
  6. Out of state buyer, Taxes & tag confusion

    (potentially) Buying the Jeep in Maryland, and will be titled in Iowa. I don't want to be overcharged (or under) on these fees, and definitely don't want to have to chase my money for weeks just to get my new vehicle titled and registered. I'm going to contact MMV to get some state law info, as...
  7. Out of state buyer, Taxes & tag confusion

    I ordered a JLUR in Maryland and am flying out to pick it up next week, but I'm confused about the tax and title fees. In my state, Iowa we pay the sales tax, registration, and title fees at the local county treasures office. Last time i bought a car from a dealer out of state, I explained this...
  8. 2020 Tread Lightly Issues

    Was just told Tread Lightly is now a go as of today. Told them I will hold them to it. We'll see.
  9. 2020 Tread Lightly Issues

    Joined TL on 8/6/19, ordered 2020 JLUR from Criswell on 8/8/19. Surprisingly arrived today, 8/23. While that's awesome build & delivery time, now i have to wait until Sept 6th to pick it up, to get the 8% discount. That is, if TL gets applied to the 2020s by the 4th. Fingers crossed!
  10. 2020 Sarge Green Color on JL

    I want to like it, but I don't.
  11. Brown's Jeep in VA beat Criswell

    Ha! They are by far the worst. Been there, no thanks.
  12. Minnesota Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop (Premium Twill Partial Softop)

    What part of MN? I'm in NW IA at the moment.
  13. Speaker replacement upgrade

    So I have a question, before I order my JLU, is there a best stereo option to get in order to make upgrading to a better aftermarket components easier? I would like to get the large screen Alpine head unit and use that to control whatever I decide to upgrade. Should I stay away from ordering the...
  14. How much percent off to aim for on CPO jlur w/ extended warranty?

    I found a 2018 jlur, certified pre-owned, with extended 7-year 100K warranty. Looked up the VIN, only had a minor pcm recall which was addressed, no frame weld business. I can order a brand new one for almost 12% off msrp, so for a 2018 with just over 10k miles, looking at the deal from this...
  15. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    looks great! and what fenders are those?
  16. Illinois Steel Front & Rear Bumpers + Warn Winch Plate

    I have a question. I'm looking at buying a JLUR, but with plastic bumpers, w/ led package. If you're not including fog lamps, would the ones I get with plastic bumper fit where yours were?