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  1. My Jeep has "progressed to body vendor". What does that mean? Just looking for a definition

    Ok cool. Thanks After ordering on Feb 20th, it's good to know they are working on it. I am not in a big hurry. I don't know why we can't track the build from here in Canada but it is what it is.
  2. My Jeep has "progressed to body vendor". What does that mean? Just looking for a definition

    That doesn't help. I'm just looking for a definition for Vehicle has progressed to body vendor.
  3. My Jeep has "progressed to body vendor". What does that mean? Just looking for a definition

    I got a text from my dealer saying my Jeep has progressed to Body Vendor. I called them but he was gone now till next Wednesday. I live in Canada So all the Jeep Chat, Jeep Tracking ect doesn't work here. Not sure why but anything i have looked at, once it's found out my s/n is for a Canadian...
  4. Video of Jeep Factory preparing for Covid-19 Restart.

    Finally a report on re-opening you can take to the bank. I think I saw my 1/4 built jeep on the line with a plastic flag stuck to it!
  5. What will be the dates?

    I was led to believe by several, including my dealer, that customer sold orders were always a priority.
  6. When does production start again?

    Yes they do. But as another poster stated, Just in time inventory means the supply pipeline has to fire up as well. I'm sure there are supply parts all over the place that we're enroute to the plant(s) that are sitting in escrow somewhere. Those all have to get moving as well else there won't...
  7. When does production start again?

    I tend to agree. It will be union wide vote, not local, to go back. I don't recall the UAW asking its members to vote to stay home or not. And it sure wasn't a local UAW decision either . .
  8. When does production start again?

    So read that, They are starting no sooner than May 18. But definitely could be later.
  9. Manufacturing delays

    I got a text from my dealer on March 16 saying it will be leaving the factory before March 30. 2 days later the plant was shut down! As I said in my post, FCA stated they will review the situation starting April first. The next thing, they will plan for May 4th. Which really speaks to...
  10. Manufacturing delays

    Well that’s the new “plan”. All that means is there is no way they are starting before May 4. The original announcement was production will be suspended until the end of March then reviewed on a weekly basis. So they have reviewed it after a week. Check. The result? Let’s review again in...
  11. Anyone else wrenching during quarantine?

    I ordered my 2020 JLU Altitude with the hitch package. Then deleted it last second because i read on the Jeep brochure ir was only a 1 1/4" receiver that shipped with the tow option. Of course the info was wrong! I'll be installing the 2" receiver when the Jeep finally shows up. The hitch is...
  12. Safety Group instead of Advanced Safety Group?

    My god man, you ordered a Orange Rubicon in October and still haven't seen it??
  13. Safety Group instead of Advanced Safety Group?

    Attention stray? Never! Seriously, I have no issues with the automakers adding safety measures. I remember Caddy coming out with daytime running lights and everyone thought WTF? Headlights in the daytime? My concern is for the younger people in their 20's, the 6 or 7 that actually want a...
  14. Safety Group instead of Advanced Safety Group?

    I disagree. I do. The masses don't. I have had cruise control on every vehicle i've owned since the 80's. I didn't have it on my 3 in the tree Chevy 10 pickup. I used to put on 40K km a year till i retired a couple years ago and NEVER use cruise. Backup cameras. I have been around boats...
  15. 2020 JL - Spare Wheel removal

    Sounds like time to build a nice big garage!. Seriously, how long will it take until your tired of screwing with the spare every time you park? Maybe not a new garage but it sounds like a small reno to the existing is in order. You've got 2. 2020 JL's right?
  16. Safety Group instead of Advanced Safety Group?

    Too funny, I got the safety group merely for the LED tail lights. I am not sure whey the tail lights are not part of the LED package.
  17. Safety Group instead of Advanced Safety Group?

    Anti Lock brakes are different. Just like air bags. They are there to help you when conditions get crappy fast. They are not there to help you keep focused on the task you undertook when you got behind the wheel
  18. Order Process

    The process is still the same, it's just we can't track. The order date to at your dealer dates are pretty close to the same.
  19. Order Process

    Shipping status after the window sticker is issues? Really? I got my window sticker about 2 weeks after i ordered it. I never have seen a build sheet. I ordered Feb 20th. The last i heard from the dealer is that it should leave the plant by the end of the month. That was Monday before the...
  20. Tracking build

    Doesn't work in Canada. You can get on Jeep Chat ok. but they can't track any VIN's outside the USA