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  1. Colorado - Front Range Dealer Suggestions?

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
  2. Colorado - Front Range Dealer Suggestions?

    - From reading the second thread you shared (thanks for finding it, I turned up nada on search...), it seems that the ONLY Jeep dealer that folks recommend is Pollard in Boulder. Is that so? - I also posted to this thread my bad experiences with AutoNation West in Golden and Larry H. Miller in...
  3. Recommended Denver area dealer for service?

    I had a bad experience at AutoNation West in Golden. They -said- that they did my track bar weld recall inspection... but did not post the results to the recall site or my vehicle's service record so the inspection had to be done -again- with my first oil change. I am not certain that they...
  4. Recommended Denver area dealer for service?

    My experience there yesterday was nothing short of horrible! Their Yelp and Google reviews do not include even ONE positive review of LHM-Thornton's service department but dozens of horror stories. I will NEVER trust my vehicle to them again.
  5. Colorado - Front Range Dealer Suggestions?

    Hi! I am looking for a Jeep Dealer that I can trust to service my vehicle -- preferably in Denver Metro but after two bad experiences I am wiling to go a little farther out if I need to. Dealers that have done poor work on my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon are Autonation in Golden and Larry H...
  6. SiriusXM Summer Offer - $5/month renewals!

    SiriusXM is offering their "summer special" -- you can renew on the "Select" plan (140 channels) for $5/month for 12 months. The new subscription begins when your current subscription ends. Go to
  7. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Parked next to a classic, good-condition Jeep Jeepster! Complete with a Jerry can in the back. Olde Town Arvada Hub (parking structure), Arvada CO -- top floor locals parking
  8. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Went on a run through Slaughterhouse Gulch with Patrol 12 of the Mile High Jeep Club. Slaughterhouse is a moderately challenging trail north of Bailey, CO, accessed off CR 43A.
  9. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    What a beautiful place!
  10. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Finally got my Rubi onto the dirt with the Desert Wranglers today! Beginner’s run to Kodachrome, Lava Butte and Rainbow Gardens.
  11. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    I have not posted on this thread in months. The window is fixed and I have moved on. You should, too. I am taking this thread off of my watch list so I don't have to be sideswiped by well-after-the fact opinions. This is DONE.
  12. Las Vegas area news

    Hey everybody! I am HERE and looking forward to the DW meeting at Pizza Hut in December. Maybe I'll meet some of you there.
  13. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    NOV 26 UPDATE: FCA cancelled my case without comment, without contacting my dealer, and without addressing any of the four warranty issues raised with my claim. Further, the number provided to me by the dealership now claims not to take care of warranty issues, though they were happy to help...
  14. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    FCA has chosen not to respond to/to ignore the warranty repair request from my dealer which includes my consumer warranty claim number. It's been four days. They usually respond within two. I think they are just waiting me out. And so, my claim is still open but I have to get the rear window...
  15. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    AND... then shell out an extra $1K on top of massive moving and house-selling expenses... I WILL SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD. JEEP SUCKS.
  16. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    UPDATE: Well things are NOT going well. I took my JLU Rubi to Sahara CJDR in Las Vegas Tuesday morning to begin the warranty process. They filed a warranty claim Tuesday around Noon. As of five minutes ago, Chrysler has not even RESPONDED to my dealer's warranty claim. Chrysler Warranty...
  17. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    The beginner's run is to The newbie ride goes through Kodachrome, Lava Gulch and Rainbow Gardens. Then there's Red Rocks National Monument.
  18. It takes a village to raise a JL...

    Maybe it's because the JLs are so new most are not tricked out yet. Comparably the analogy is apt but that's looks not gears, etc... Let's discuss this on the trail
  19. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    Well the warranty claim is underway! I have a claim number. Everyone agrees this one is a doozy and it may take a while to get Chrysler to accept the claim, an inspection is likely needed but as pointed out it's hard to prove what happened when the evidence is in a million pieces. It's...