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  1. Nav on 7 inch screen?

    I use android auto and Gaia on 7in screen in 2019 and 2021 JLU. The Nav functions work great and Gaia will let you download maps for when there isn't coverage. The only downside is when I use android auto with google maps the stored favorite phone contacts in uconnect get deleted from uconnect...
  2. Leveling Front for JLU Willys

    It should work fine. After installing bumpers and winch on my 2021 JLUR It sat lower than stock and had a little more rake than stock. I installed Rubicon Express 1.75 inch spacer on front and stacked 2 Tera Flex .5 inch spacers for the rear. It's now level and about .5 inch higher than stock.
  3. Fox Shock leaking

    Took my 21 JLUR to dealer yesterday for leaking rear stock shocks at 12700 miles. Both rears have oil film running down the front of the shock. They ordered new ones under warranty and said they are back ordered and no idea when they will be in. Dealer offered to install 4 take off Fox shocks...
  4. Hawse Fairlead for Steel Cable??

    In the 80's and 90's I had a Warn winch with steel cable and it came with an iron hawse fairlead. Over time it was installed on 4 CJ's and a Dodge Dakota. I used that set up hundreds of times and never had a problem.
  5. Break in mileage

    I got an e copy of my owners manual from the Jeep website before I got my 2019 and 2021.

    2nd for the RokBlokz. Two size options, multiple colors,easy on/off and option for cut out to fit Rubi rock rail.
  7. Rich Jeepers

    Not to change the subject or hijack the thread, but the rewards credit cards aren't a win win for everyone. I'm a manager at a small family run business. Credit card fees really make our bottom line take a hit. We add a 2% surcharge on credit card purchases to help off set this. We tell...
  8. Warn 101337 Elite Series Full Width Front Bumper & Skid Plate - JL $800

    Curious as to why you're selling? I've had the same bumper on order since Jan. The ship date had constantly been getting pushed later and later. Currently Warn is saying it might ship Sep 15. Wish we were closer so I could grab this one!
  9. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    This is the simplest answer. To be a bit more specific, the Jeep has a vertical center of gravity. As weight is added to the top or high on the Jeep, the vertical center of gravity will be higher. The tires on the lower side act as a pivot point. Once the roll gets to the point that the...
  10. Best Bumper to get....

    I had an EAG on my 07 JKR. Its a decent bumper and comes with the hoop and winch plate. I bought it on Amazon for under $500. They also make the same bumper for the JL.
  11. No power after rest stop. Couldn't get to highway speed on onramp.

    I wonder if the 2.0 has a similar requirement... No
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    From the outside edge of the lug its just over an inch to the center of the hole.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Real excitement, I rotated tires. They were due rotation and I've been thinking about taking it to the dealer for a Wave rotation and oil change. As I walked by it today I saw something stuck in the right rear and it was a bit low. Turns out it was a casing from a .22 A bunch of us from work...
  14. Ever race anyone in your jeep? Whats the reaction you get when you win?

    My son in law has a Vette. I keep telling him that I will race him any day he wants, but I get to pick the race course:LOL:
  15. Gaia GPS or On X Offroad?

    I like all the great info in this thread! Last week I installed the free version GAIA to test it out. I have one issue though which makes it totally unusable. When I have it in course mode, direction of travel up, the map keeps rotating up to 30 degrees left and right. It does it when driving...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Monsoon rains are going away for a few days so I got it naked for the first time. I'm bummed that the door holders from my JK won't work for the JL doors. Apparently the JL doors are thicker and I can only get 2 on the holder. Looks like next project is to build a new door holder. Also picked up...
  17. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Took the long way home after lunch with a friend. It's a 2wd road unless its muddy or snow covered, but the scenery and drive sure beats the asphalt any day!
  18. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    Wife's 2019 JLUS was less than a month old it went from NM to southern AL and back. No problems, except inaugural windshield chip, and comfortable. We ended up in a tropical storm in MS and AL. It handled the wind and rain fine. It's also made numerous trips from NM to central CO without issue...
  19. How to shop for bumpers??

    Some of the cheaper ones are stamped steel vs plate welded steel for the higher priced ones. I had an EAG front from Amazon on my JK. It didn't get abused but was well built, plate steel and recessed winch mounting. I know they also make rear bumpers. I put a Warn Elite rear on my JLUR and it's...
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed rough country tailgate table. Last week a buddy and I went fishing and it was a pain not having more space to put stuff on when getting rods rigged and waders on. While I had the tail gate trim panel off I covered the vent hole with a tight woven shop towel. I hope it will help keep...