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  1. Synergy MFG. Prototype Lift Kit Parts!!!

    Understood. Thanks for the reply! Let us know if you can provide any sneak-peeks!
  2. Synergy MFG. Prototype Lift Kit Parts!!!

    @AllJumpStyle Any updates you can provide us with the Synergy 3" suspension systems? Thanks.
  3. Mojito paint or powder coating

    A painter can match almost perfectly. A powder-coat may be really close, but not exact.
  4. Synergy MFG. Prototype Lift Kit Parts!!!

    @AllJumpStyle Thanks for the update Chris. Are you able to give us a "guesstimate" of when the 3" performance system will be available? Sounds like it will be worth the wait!
  5. 2019 JLU Rubicon Rock Rails

    There is a Member Marketplace in the forum which might get you better exposure for your parts. Good luck!
  6. Synergy MFG. Prototype Lift Kit Parts!!!

    @AllJumpStyle Just wanted to check-in with you to see how close you are to releasing your suspension systems? I have been patiently waiting... I have researched the Metalcloak Gamechanger and Rock Krawler X-Factor 2.5" systems but REALLY want to see the Synergy 3" system! Thanks in advance!
  7. Method 702 Wheel

    Thanks Eli. The bronze looks amazing against the dark gray!
  8. Method 702 Wheel

    I'm looking into the new Method 702 wheel. Is anyone running these yet? If so, could you post some pictures? Thanks!
  9. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    Looks just right to me!
  10. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    @ZonaJP can you post a couple of pictures of it level on the street? Also, did you take measurements before and after the install? What are your impressions of the lift with the 3.3's (I'm strongly considering the exact same combo). Thanks. I think it looks great.
  11. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    @CloakedJL can you provide any pictures of this lift kit installed? Would like to see the actual stance. Thanks.
  12. Any recent diesel news...?

    Appreciate the update JLEngineline. Rumors are all over the place with this engine!!!
  13. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    @CloakedJL - I know the 3.5" system sits a little higher than advertised in anticipation for bumpers, gear, etc. How much higher will this system sit over the 2.5"? Thanks.
  14. Motobilt JL Rubicon Build

    @Motobilt - can you provide info for the rock sliders on your Jeep? Thanks.
  15. EXTREME (use) JL Build For Racing

    :rock::rock::rock::rock: Hell yeah!
  16. Motobilt JL Rubicon Build

    Totally agree on the rear bumper extending a little further around to protect the body. Looks awesome. What rock rails are those? Really like those as well. I see a lot of Motobilt parts in my future!
  17. Billet Silver JLUR in Colorado

    It looks awesome! Thanks for the reply.
  18. Do I need spacers for my axle back exhaust if i'm doing the 2" Mopar lift for my 2 dr?

    This is the 3.0L diesel section. I don't know the answer, but I do know there are a lot of people on this forum that have experience with the Mopar lift kit. I would try re-posting this in the "suspension" section for a better response. Good luck!
  19. JLUR Metalcloak game changer 3.5"

    Any updates on this build? Would love to see pictures with the KMC wheels!
  20. Billet Silver JLUR in Colorado

    Does the Jeep have the MetalCloak lift in the driveway picture in post #26? I have heard the MetalCloak 3.5 lift ends up being around 4". Could you post a side shot of the Jeep to see the overall lift height? Looks incredible already! Great flex shots for sure!