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  1. 999999 Odometer

    Kate I have 35,000 miles on my May 2018, JLURubicon and the odometer started registering 999999 and 8.4 Uconnect is glitching. (Glitching - radio is stuttering) I am in Bumpass, VA and it will be weeks before I get to the dealer. What do you recommend I do?
  2. Obsessed with red... 100s of red accessories, red parts, red upgrades, red mods & more!

    I put those letters on my door sills didn't last very long...good luck
  3. Installed BedTred today

    No I am very disappointed with Bed Rug...they never responded to several requests...I finally ordered the item below...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    How much difference did the intake and the throtlebody spacer make in your performance? Sound?
  5. Installed BedTred today

    I loved the BedRug in my F150 Supercrew...I sent them an email and asked them why they don't cover the carpet on the back of the rear seat of the JLUR and if the Cargo Liner kit fits the Alpine upgrade with Subwoofer. Unfortunately the picture on their website has a JL (2 door) which doesn't...
  6. Floor lights ambient lighting - Color Mods

    I have a JLURubicon and I read your post but I am unclear about how to keep the under dash lighting on all the time without the roof interior light on. I have also covered up my light sensor on my dash so my headlights are always on when in Auto...which I prefer. Can I still keep my interior...
  7. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    So my Uconnect was giving me problems during a big rain storm that I drove three hours in. It was actually fun without windows/doors because it was warm out and I kept trying to reset it but it worked fine the next day
  8. Your custom shopping requirements

    I have a JLURubicon and I am looking for a rock slider with a step like the Mopar Performance Rock Rails with a rocker guard. I want it to cover the whole space so there is no body showing under the fenders.
  9. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    I bought these doors and they are awesome!
  10. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    So I need to reset my UCONNECT 8.4 on my JLURubicon but I took my doors off and they are currently in a different state. Is there a work around?
  11. Question. ZAutomotive unresponsive

    Joe has always answered my frequent questions very quickly and provided excellent customer support...
  12. TazerJL Feature Requests

    Can you make the Blind Spot Warning System work without the doors? Maybe a light on dash or Uconnect screen.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What kind of lights did you install? Did you have to cut the bumper? If so, can you give more details?
  14. TazerJL Feature Requests

    Tazer...Can you make the Tazer that when you take off doors the Blind Spot still works and shows up on the UConnect and maybe the backup camera turns on? Are the foglights part of the lightshow?
  15. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    Thanks! I read this Forum everyday and this is the first time I saw the note to turn off Navigation in Motion
  16. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    Can you explain why you would turn off Navigation in motion...I thought the whole idea was to have it on so your passenger can put in addresses as needed. What happens when you leave on Navigation in motion?
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    One of best Jeep upgrades for the money!
  18. Sliders / Step sides / Rock rails

    I too have been through all the pages and understand your frustration...I have a JLURubicon also and want a combination rocker guard, step and rail but I want the rail to cover the entire length of the body between the tire wells. Rugged Ridge XHD Rock Sliders checks most of those blocks but...
  19. Auto windows (Up & Down)

    When do you expect the plug and play version to be released?