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  1. Washington Sport S wheels & Tires (651 Miles) $150. Trade?

    Spare set. I run them on both my JT and JL. Don't really need them and probably should delete it.
  2. Washington Sport S wheels & Tires (651 Miles) $150. Trade?

    Still available and price lowered to $150 for a set of 5 Or trade for a set of factory steel wheels.
  3. New York Scammers

    I was taken for $250 last year. Lesson learned real quick. Had another scammer hit me up last month but my past experience paid off and he vanished quickly.
  4. One thing I don't like about my Wrangler

    I have no issues with it. Not sure why so much hate. I hate the dainty fobs and this chunky one is kinda cool in my opinion.
  5. Has anyone used the Warn power interrupt kit with a Smittybuilt X20 winch?

    Just completed my auxillary switch install. Cut a piece off of Home Depot purchased aluminum angle. Self tappers in fender. Hooked up to switch #4.
  6. It’s true: the drain plug has been removed from the front diff on Rubicon

    Removed on ALL models. September build Sport no drain plugs.
  7. Armorlite Flooring Review

    Can't say I noticed it load to start with so not really noticing anything. I'm sure it's helping in some way alone with insulating from heat or cold.
  8. Washington Sport S wheels & Tires (651 Miles) $150. Trade?

    Still available and price drop!
  9. Armorlite Flooring Review

    Just pulled mine apart. Hold on to the back portion with some pliers and twist off rolling the outside towards the middle. I trimmed down the passenger side to fit the contour better.
  10. Washington WTB Rock Rails with step assist

    Looking for a set. If you have a set you no longer need please reach out. Want to replace the standard Rock Rails with a set of these. Located in Western Washington. Thanks!
  11. Missing hood release lever & sticky spring

    Yep. Mine too. It seems to get caught in the plastic trim towards the engine side because the round cut out is to small.
  12. Best Rubber Floor Mats?

    Armorlite flooring and be done! Plus it has some insulation underneath it so it helps with sound deadening. Have it in my JT and one for the JL is on its way.
  13. What were the new minor improvements for the 2021 JLs?

    I don't get it. It's a Jeep and some actual wheel and service their rigs. Don't get the thinking. Oh wait. Bronco must of done it so Jeep followed. Sorry.....couldn't resist.
  14. What were the new minor improvements for the 2021 JLs?

    September build/delivery and mine does not have drain plug. Crap!
  15. Sunrider Hardtop from Factory

    No difference than dual top. Soft top in box in back of Jeep when ordered. It's 6 bolts. Easy!
  16. Winch Disconnect and Mounting Plate

    Can you explain the wiring of the solunoid? I also do not want constant power to the winch and want to use one of the accessory switches. Which ones are recommended.
  17. Aux Switches: cool things beyond light bars

    I like this. So instead of a direct hot hook up you have a solenoid that is activated by the accessory switch. This keep the winch from always having power. Nice. Looking into this.
  18. Oil changed = damaged fender

    I have taken my Jeep only once to the dealership for the steering TSB. They take photos before any work with an iPad. I also had them note NO defects noted in the notes before it went in. Suggest everyone do the same.
  19. Washington WTB Black Twill Sunrider top.

    If you have a Sunrider you no longer need or want I might be your guy. Let me know what you have and how much. Thank you!!!!
  20. Let's talk winches folks

    For $249 on sale can't go wrong with a Harbor freight Badlands 12,000 winch. For as much as I will ever use it it's not killing the bank sitting on the front of the Jeep. Came complete and seems very well built.