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  1. '22 Ordered. Best Deal for Trading my '19 Rubi?

    Thanks! That's the answer I was thinking! Carmax quoted like 5K more than I paid for it, so there will be equity. One more thing, did you get the CCAP buyout price from CC yourself or did Carmax do that part?
  2. '22 Ordered. Best Deal for Trading my '19 Rubi?

    So I ordered a new '22, and planning to trade in my leased '19 JLUR Bikini Pearl. Trade value is about 48K. I have 2 choices here: -I could buy it out directly from Chrysler Capital for 38K total, then trade it in, or.... -I could trade directly into the dealer and they would buy it from...
  3. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2022 JL & JLU

    Really appreciate this new spreadsheet but is there a 4-dr version? Thanks so much for doing this!
  4. CarPlay 100% Useless With iOS 15

    I'm on beta iOS 15.1 as well (but have been on all the iOS versions before that) but all running on the 8.4 Uconnect via cable connection. All have been good and no glitches with Carplay (don't get me started with the glitches in the Uconnect!). Sound is great as I have my phone set to...
  5. Best Mods Under $100

    Thanks! The pix on the website don't show the detail very well and since you actually have one, that's the best endorsement. Thanks again!
  6. Best Mods Under $100

    I took a look at the S+ on their website, but the key ring loop look pretty skinny. Does it seem strong enough? I'd hate to lose my key because the loop broke off....Maybe they can make it thicker?
  7. Best Mods Under $100

    Absolutely agree here! Gibson's work is very impressive! I own the red stitched, black key fob holder the the belt clip allows me to clip that ginormous key to my belt and it holds tight (I'm a runner and having things in your pocket is uncomfortable). The phone holster is also a tight solid...
  8. Tires and Rims

    Just bought these Goodyear Wrangler Ultraterrains. Aggressive tread but quiets and smooth.
  9. soft top or convertible roof

    For the people that have the Skytouch, do you take out the rear quarter windows much (it looks pretty easy since it has latches like the HT)? With the windows out, how is the wind inside the vehicle when your moving?
  10. Whats Your Other ride?

    When I have the need for speed!
  11. Washed my Keyfob

    Or as I mentioned before in a previous post on this thread, order the remote start kit ($310) as it includes 2 new, genuine Jeep fobs, along w/the rem start module and adds remote start to your Jeep. Interestingly, the current price is $9 less then what I paid in 2019...
  12. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    It does look like Sublime used on the Challengers. However, Sublime actually was a metallic paint, it had a fine silver fleck in it. Does anyone know if Gecko is metallic or just solid (like Firecracker red)?
  13. Washed my Keyfob

    Here's another option if you have power locks, but do not have remote start. Order the Remote Start kit (82215865AC, I got mine from BAM Automotive, as it also comes with 2 new Key fFOBs . It's about $300 and it's super easy to retrofit as it's located in the left...
  14. Q1 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sales Figures Sets First-Quarter Record

    I can second that, when it comes to doing everything right on a muscle car platform, Dodge gets it right. I've had 3 Challengers now ('15 SRT 392, 16 Hellcat, and current '19 Hellcat Redeye). Everything is just right in those full sized cars (you can get real people in the back seat of the...
  15. 4xe Active Noise Cancellation

    Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) is used when you make a call from the Jeep especially if the top is off or you have loud buzzy tires, for example. 2 Mics listen to background noise and 2 mics listen to your voice. The 2 background mics will then cancel out the extraneous noise to make your voice...
  16. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    Mail Order can assist here. BAM Wholesale parts is a Jeep dealer. I've bought stuff from them before. The Gorilla windshield is only $672 from them (but don't know what shipping will cost).
  17. What are these for?

    LOL! This was my experience as well. The "sales" guys are not....sales people. They don't know anything in any depth and could be selling washing machines or toasters. I knew exactly what I wanted and explained it all to them. At one point, I was selling the price I wanted to them! After we...
  18. Another seat issue

    Passenger Sunvisor broke on my wife's '19 JLUR, right at the swivel hinge. I took it apart and it seems the plastic at the end (where it plugs into roof) has broken off, so it's kind of hanging free. I need to bring it in to the dealer. First time I've ever had a broken visor....
  19. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    No half doors for Firecracker, Hella Yella or chief, only the low impact colors can get half doors. So not hopeful for Nacho or Gecko either....