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  1. Silly topic: whats everyones feelings towards mixing different bumper manufacturers?

    Both of my bumpers are steel and both are black - ergo, they match.
  2. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Has anyone except me wondered: Vehicle odometers are in miles and tenths But the highway sign people put up signs with distances in fraction of miles, e.g., "Next exit 1 1/4 miles ahead" Does anyone actually do the math?
  3. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    I saw a 106 recoilless round clear a ridgeline at Pendleton - that sucker may have landed in Nevada.
  4. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    My bike - and before you say it - according to the State of Texas motor vehicle registration process, this is a "motorcycle" - and since it is a 1884 model, it is an "antique motorcycle". It was fun restoring something with really small parts.

    When I got there the Corps was still flying CH34's and CH37's.
  6. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    It's November tenth - Happy Marine Corps Birthday to my fellow Jarheads ! Long ago, in a world far, far away.
  7. Functional Fully Waterproof Rubicon Hood Vents Write-Up

    "Jeep" ? " High speed aerodynamics" ?
  8. Potential new gun owner: what is recommended revolver calibre for a newbie?

    I got my spouse a 9mm- she didn't like the recoil - got her a .380- again didn't like it - got her a .22 - good to go with 14 rounds in the magazine. Mine is a .45 - don't need 14.
  9. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    Just don't store it long term in milk jugs. They will leak. Lessons learned 101.
  10. Unofficial 2 door owners section...until the admins create one for us ...hint hint ...wink wink

    Profile pic says it all. Her red one and my white one.
  11. JLURD - what is needed to fill with "Jerry Cans"?

    Metal spout caps for US military "jerrycans" are available on amazon. Long flex spout that will reach through the constriction.
  12. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Practicing to pilot a ship through the Suez canal.
  13. New Grand Wagoneer

    I got an invite from my dealer to "come meet the 2022 Grand Wagoneer" next Monday evening (Sep. 20) Guess I will go have a look.
  14. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    On the 14th call about my student loan - I got a person on the phone and told them "I have returned my student and do not desire to borrow another one" - dead silence on the other end!