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  1. OEM LED headlights

    I bought a set of JW Speaker LEDs from Amazon and ordered the Morimoto 7" headlight retrofit kit, as well as a set of LED fog from The Retrofit Source. Very happy with the lighting and didnt have to touch any wiring or take mine to the dealer for programming
  2. One Confusing part of the Rubicon vs. Sahara question.

    I agree with Nconnelly, and I also bought a Sahara. I wanted a manual trans Rubi, and the wife wanted an auto trans Sahara. She won, because she liked the esthetics of the Sahara, and the transfer case. The reality is that we only drive off road occasionally and the wife drives the Jeep to...

    I cant believe no one has snatched these up. I have the same ones and love them. Bump for a great price ;)
  4. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    I have had leather in my last several cars and my JLU Sahara is no different. Mine is a family hauler that sees light trail use, but I'm extremely OCD about all my cars, so it gets spit shined every week, and I also wipe the seats and put leather conditioner on them often. In my opinion, I...
  5. Paper owner's manual?

    I didnt get one either. I think its based on the dealer that orders them, because I believe they have to pay for the books. Thats pretty cool that Jeep Cares will send something. I will be calling!
  6. OEM vs OEE windshield replacement.

    I never get any type of aftermarket glass for my cars. My insurance company argues with me every time and I have to make the same argument back. I always ask "is the aftermarket windshield the glass that came in my car when it was new?" Of course they answer no, and then I ask "why would you...
  7. Shifting out of 4low

    When I test drove my JLU with the dealer, I had the same issue. He chuckled and said, "its a Jeep, just manhandle it a little!" I found that with auto trans if you kick the trans in neutral and shift out of 4L while you are just slightly rolling, its much easier. Reminds me of an old Chevy PU...
  8. Jeep Wave [the hand thing, not the program]

    I live in the Seattle area, and I get about 8 out of 10 waves constantly. There are a few old people here and there that don't get it, but for the most part, the entire PNW area in on board with this tradition.
  9. For all you 8.4 Uconnect peeps (quick question)

    I like mine mostly for the larger screen and the enhanced features. The weather feature is kinda useful sometimes, but the larger map is great, as I sit in a lot of traffic and the live traffic updates on the larger screen are handy
  10. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    Thats what it looked like to me, but just wanted to check, because i would tie that in to my DRL circuit if there was a way to do it. I installed my headlights, and a set of the Morimoto smoked fogs, but have not yet installed my sequential turns yet until TRS gets back to me about when the fix...
  11. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    Alanscott1, did you use the headlight adapters from the TRS to install your headlights? Have you hooked up your eyebrow at the top of your headlights to your DRL circuit? I bought a set of headlight adapters from TRS and installed them with a set of JW Speakers, but have not yet looked into...
  12. Audio cutting in and out

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with your dealer......sounds like they are not customer service oriented. My dealer is excellent and they provide no cost loaners for any service work as long as my car has an active warranty. I have not scheduled an appt for mine yet, but I will keep...
  13. Audio cutting in and out

    I have experienced some of the issues listed in the TSB, but they have been extremely sporadic, and not consistent at all. what exactly does the dealer do for the TSB? Is there a software update or is this more involved like a hardware replacement? I guess im asking because its unlikely that...
  14. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    This is great thread! I'm brand new to the forum and glad to see there are so many helpful people here! Yesterday, I installed the Morimoto XB projector fogs from TRS in my JL Sahara, and the light output is great. I was a little disappointed with the electrical plugs, as they are not the...