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  1. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    O On 2021 driver side oil skid bracket bolts on top of engine mount so it’s tougher to modify. I’m literally the fist to buy it lol
  2. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    They may eventually need to modify the oil Pan skid to be less bent at the exhaust loop area and have the engine skid brackets a bit longer to make sure it fits all jeeps. Mine does not fit correctly by about 3/4”. I really don’t want to bend my exhaust for this on a 2021 JL 3.6
  3. ROCK HARD 4X4 Front Control arm skids.

    Chad from rock hard said follow 190 ft/lb . They need to update the instructions. However they are nice lca skids. When I had mine at 100 too much noise then went away little by little as I added 30lb torque incrementally. But do drive it and then check torque again once more
  4. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    You cut it with a utility knife ? It didn’t make any mess with little particles everywhere. I’ve heard some amazon mattresses have all sorts of stuff inside once opening cover …
  5. I've got a real challenge for you with regard to shovel & axe storage

    Any pics ? Looking for ax pick shovel storage solution
  6. Rock Hard 4x4 Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) Skid Plate for Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT 2018 - Cu

    Once the RH fad skid is on do you still have to remove lca skid to get fad skid off ?
  7. Looking for new wheels that don't stick out 3"+

    What is the actual weight of the 41 rim. Not shipping weight please and any rubbing at full flex lock to lock ? Thanks 😊
  8. How far do 17*8.5 rims with 0 offset & 12.5 tires stick out?

    Can you send a profile pic with fender
  9. Rock Hard front LCA skid question

    Got it Thanks a million for your help
  10. Rock Hard front LCA skid question

    So you tried artec fad skid but it didn’t work with rock hard skids ? Just trying to be sure I understood. Or did you mean you never tried the combo together
  11. Rock Hard front LCA skid question

    How did you get artec fad to work with rock hard lca skid ?? Did it just simply work?
  12. Wheel backspacing for 37’s

    Beautiful bro
  13. front diff skid?

    What the oil capacity for the new front MC cover. Says to manufacturers specs but the fill plug is much higher requiring more than double fill… not sure if it would be overfilled all the way up to fill plug bc it’s like 3-4 in higher …
  14. JL with Mopar beadlock wheels and 2" lift

    Side profile shot? You using it as a actual BL? Or the DOT approved way …
  15. Wheel backspacing for 37’s

    Right on thanks Those look good on your ride Pops with that color Can you send a side profile shot when you get a chance No hurry . Just want to see how far it sticks from fender I may go for these trix wheels
  16. Wheel backspacing for 37’s

    so the 5.5 backspaced tires dont rub the CA's?
  17. Wheel backspacing for 37’s

    this is true for only bfg 37" tires which run way small (35.5) per aev
  18. California Dirty life beadlocks

    Has 4.5” backspacing
  19. California Dirty life beadlocks

    It’s a gunmetal grayish with black beadlock rings
  20. 17x9 +12 offset wheels

    Any profile pic