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  1. Texas Electric Hardtop Hoist

    Electric hardtop hoist $300 Designed to use topsy products. I have the topsy strap kit but forgot to remove the topsy brackets from the Jeep before selling.
  2. Texas Hothead Headliner

  3. Texas Hothead Headliner

    If you want to pay the shipping cost
  4. Texas Hothead Headliner

    Price drop $375
  5. Texas Sold: Hothead Headliner

    brand new, never installed Black JL unlimited hothead headliner with rear window and sound assassins strips. asking $400 Local pick up only Beaumont, TX
  6. Texas Oracle oculus headlight

    price lowered $400 shipped
  7. Texas Oracle Sport LED Fog Light

    Price lowered $75
  8. Texas Oracle oculus headlight

    Traded Jeep in.
  9. Texas Oracle Sport LED Fog Light

  10. OEM taillight disassembly

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to dissemble the oem LED tail light? I have water in a lower reflector on the side and dirt around the rim of the main assembly. Would a heat gun work?
  11. Texas Sold: Oracle oculus headlight

    Oracle oculus headlights $500 shipped obo. Less than a week old.
  12. Texas Sold: Oracle Sport LED Fog Light

    Brand new Oracle Sport JL/JT LED fog light assembly $100 shipped obo
  13. Non-LED to LED Fender Light Question

    Can you share what you ordered? I searched obd dongle and it all looks Bluetooth. And I’m not sure which cable to get. Thanks
  14. Non-LED to LED Fender Light Question

    where did you purchase the cable and OBD dongle?
  15. Texas 2020 JLUR Rubicon Rock Rails - Houston, TX - West University

    Okay. I’m near Beaumont. Would you be willing to meet?
  16. WTB Sahara fenders

    Looking to purchase painted Sahara fender flares. Preferably sting gray thanks
  17. Texas WTB: Sahara fenders

    I don’t think I’ll be out that way. What would you be asking for them? Shipping might be a couple hundred plus paint.
  18. Sahara Fender Part Numbers

    Does anyone know the part numbers for Sahara paintable front and rear fenders? All I can find online are the Rubicon fenders.
  19. OEM LED Tail Lights with Blind Spot Monitor

    Did these end up working for you? I just purchased some and I also have a Sport S