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  1. This Is the Car That Dealers Overcharge for the Most

    Idk about that list. A local dealer is listing a TRX for $40,000 over MSRP in the Salt Lake Valley, they should not get that sale and Ram should be having a chat with whomever made that decision.
  2. What is the worst aftermarket thing you got for your jeep?

    How has not a single person said the "Angry Eyes" grill?! I don't care how built or cool the rest of your Jeep is, that thing immediately over rules it all.
  3. What’s downside to 392 outside of cost and mpg

    I am going to mention price but in a very different way. I had a WK2 GC SRT and the damn thing blew a head gasket. That was a $5400 repair bill. I think the 392 is an absolute beast and I would love to own one, but with my current needs, this does not fit my life.
  4. Milestar vs mastercraft vs yokohama

    I like so many others am running the MC 3.5" Game Changer, could not be happier with it!
  5. Milestar vs mastercraft vs yokohama

    I disagree on what has been said about the Pats. Mine have been fantastic as my daily. They handle wet and snow pretty well. They aren't loud and are fairly light considering the 38" size. They have gripped and done well on trails and I will buy a second set. I definitely prefer them to...
  6. So this happened. What now?

    Purely voting on color alone with this response. Chief Blue. There are a few JKs around me in that color and man does it look so good.
  7. Seemingly Obsessed with Wranglers - But Have Never Owned One... Help!!

    There is always something about Wranglers. Had an 07JKUS, I loved it when I got it, built it up and enjoyed... however, that thing was a piece. I sold it for an SRT GC and swore I would never have a Wrangler again. Fast forward a few vehicles and I just kept staring at the JL and how good it...
  8. Do you prefer a black or body coloured hardtop?

    Personally, I like my full color match top and fenders on my white JLUR, but I am also younger than most on here.
  9. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    J - Just E - Expect E - Every P - Problem That was more true with my JK lol
  10. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    My regret was buying an 07 JKUS. That thing was a giant POS, loved it, but man did it love to break catastrophically. Obviously in 2009/2010 it wasn't as clear now how much of a dog the 3.8 was. I love my 2020, it addressed every single thing I hated about my JK.
  11. Looking for this wheel style with Tires mounted

    Did you check Customoffsets? They usually advertise a better price if you buy tires with wheels.
  12. Aluminum Bumpers Recommendations?

    Here you go! Seems like two guys bought it so far. I am pulling the trigger in the next 60 days.
  13. What's needed to mount the Rubicon steel front bumper on my Sport?

    I am sold on this... seeing you guys getting deals I am now hawking that Open Box Sale lol
  14. Advice request: Teraflex ST2, Evo Enforcer, Metalcloak, Clayton, or Rock Krawler

    My two pennies, I would rather have more than I would ever need than less. It would suck to feel limited by your suspension or setup, and back to looking at what more you could do. I like doing things once.
  15. Aluminum Bumpers Recommendations?

    Just saw another user picked up the MP and he claimed its an exact clone to the Mopar just obviously way lighter. He also stated the end caps do come off. For the price, I think this is impossible to beat.
  16. What is your ideal wrangler powerplant?

    Not sure how many people on here are familiar with or recall the JK Project Rattletrap. That powerplant... the 12V Cummins. That would be my dream.
  17. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    You will always find someone that’s willing to pay that price to be in the first few that have one. Here in Salt Lake, the second gen raptor was selling for just about $90K with dealer markup at launch. That didn’t stop many people from grabbing it, and you can’t tell me a raptor is worth 90k lol.
  18. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Nice! That’s a hell of a grab for you. That’s the right way to do it, get the deal you’re comfortable with.