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  1. Bizarre response from dealership for steering wobble and transmission issue

    Not to necro this but I literally had the same transmission problem at quicker intervals this past weekend. 2018 2.0L Turbo Automatic.
  2. Best/favorite mod or upgrade for $150 or less?

    I told my wife last week that I was going forgo our exchanging of gifts (for me at least), for the option of getting a larger chunk of my bonus in March the problem now is that I can't decide what to do, or what to get 1st...
  3. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    dropped mine off this morning to get the V41. I was getting 11-1 play in the steering wheel at high speeds. Later started feeling a wobbly feeling around 70mph+
  4. Urgent - Check your oil levels. Did the Jeep dealer put in 6 or 5 quarts of oil in your JL?

    I was surprised when I took mine in a few weeks ago and told the clerk that I wanted to make sure that I got the correct amount of oil. I mentioned that I had heard of getting overfilled at 6 quarts and I want only 5. She cocked her head and said let me look, I thought it was 6. She said "oh you...
  5. Death Wobble Fixed...for free???

    I took mine in the other day for regular service, and mentioned that at 70+ I can play the steering wheel from 11/1130 to 1230/1 and not have much change in direction. Day 1 they didn't find anything aka "tech couldn't replicate the issue," but day 2 I noticed on my invoice that they are...
  6. Jeep Music!

    I pretty much flip through Liquid Metal, Octane, Turbo, Lithium and if wife is in the car Alt Nation. Have yet to drive with the doors off, but have thought about it. Those are on of course when I am not listening to Stern or whatever podcasts I have loaded up for the day/week.
  7. Rear Soft Top Window Bowed?

    Mine is bowed as well, but my assumption was that it maintained pressure against the rear door so it couldn't be wiggled out easily At least that was my reasoning.
  8. Jeep vs Defender

    My best friend is a Land Rover maniac, and he is furious that Land Rover won't make a Defender in similar style to the JL. He has said that Land Rover does not want to cater to the enthusiast crowd, and something about European Pedestrian laws and that the JL front in is flat, or something of...
  9. Side window sag

    I have my passenger window starting to droop, and rear and driver side are normal. All flaps are tight.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Today Alien Sunshade installed. Tomorrow is a stubby antenna when it shows up!
  11. Alien Sunshade Customer Showcase and Gallery

    Got it installed today after hoping I could get it in time for a beach trip to Ocean Isle this weekend. Definitely rub my head on it occasionally being 6'4" but I can deal. Kid loves the fact that he isn't getting wind-tunneled in the back seat.
  12. Tan Soft Tops

    My wife nixed the idea of the Tan top on my Stingray. ...SO, I got a tan alien shade and she loves it!
  13. You know your dog likes your jeep when....

    Wife has some say and she has her breeds that she won't do, and she has basically said she doesn't want to go through puppy stage. I don;t blame her, as it is a lot of work, and we don't want to turn having a dog into a learning lesson for our 6 year old son. With the current stipulations it...
  14. How much money have you wasted so far?

    $250* I am in the infantile stages. *Spent but not wasted
  15. After getting your JL, what option do you regret not getting?

    The only thing I regret was the dealerships in the area mostly not having the tow package on any of the vehicles. I probably could do it myself...just not entirely looking forward to it
  16. You know your dog likes your jeep when....

    Our dog died around this time last year so this thread is heart warming.I have been off and on searching for a "go-dog" to rescue. Really wanting a dog to be the companion my dad used to talk about when he was growing up, though today's world and laws it can't necessarily go exactly as I want...
  17. White edge on black hardtop after freedom top removal

    The main reason I went soft top was because I couldn't tolerate the white Styrofoam look of the inside the hardtop
  18. Apple CarPlay Sport S

    Yes plugging in the USB to your iPhone activates Apple Carplay
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I can let you know tomorrow after my ride into work how things go. Driving earlier with 2PM sun it was noticeably less glare. My morning drive is 90% directly into the sun so hopefully this will change that. I went with the Quadratec because it didn't require mass disassembly of hood items...
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Popped on my Quadratec hood blackout. Helped to have another set of eyes and hands. First “mod” step