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  1. Aftermarket Heated Seat Installation

    Super simple. And I love having my compressor, rock lights, and eventually my lockers nice and orderly.
  2. Under-hood mount for single ARB compressor?

    Where do you get the mount? Mention it's free, but want to make sure I didn't miss part of the video. Is it the engine cover bracket being reused? Sorry, feeling pretty stupid right now.
  3. Aftermarket Heated Seat Installation

    Update, put this RC switch panel in, and swapped my seats in for 1 & 6.
  4. GMRS antenna mounting

    late to the thread, but here's mine mounted. I'm not in love, but the reception is good on my QTX radio (HAM and GMRS). I have the CoolTech mount for my CB off the spare tire... Same fitting, so tempted to mount it back there but worried the tire, top, etc might impede signal.
  5. Aftermarket Heated Seat Installation

    About 3 hours or so. Wasn't too bad.
  6. Aftermarket Heated Seat Installation

    Hey all, tried to document the steps I took to install aftermarket heated seats in my 18 JLU Sahara. Was a bit nervous of ruining the leather or what not, but it wasn't that bad of a job. It's not a bad job, and most should be able to accomplish this with only minor cursing and some scrapes on...
  7. Adding Heated Seats to 2018 JLU with Leather

    Any install pics or suggestions on that setup? I'm about to put mine in. Kinda like that location. Where did you wire it into, if you don't mind me asking. Was thinking of taking it all the way to the fuse panel and tapping into an accessory/run circuit. But would like to keep it straight...
  8. Instructions on how to remove front seats

    Hey, how'd your install go? Planning to put mine in the front seats as soon as this DC area heat goes away. Where did you wire it into? How'd you mount your switches and any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Mopar 2” Lift Installed

    Ditto on the bump stop installation... WTF. Had to tape the nut into a flex closed wrench and kinda have someone else feel around and spin it in. Damn. Just got it all properly torqued today w/ the KO2s and will be going to Rausch for some easy trails Sat to check it out. Eager to get back...
  10. Offset on stock JLU Sahara wheel

    So what'd you figure out? Going to put 1.5" wheel spacers on my JUL Sahara w/ stock 18s with KO2 35x12.5xR18 and the Mopar 2" lift. There's just a tiny rub on the wheels without the spacer and lift, only when fully turned in.