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  1. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Can I ask probably a dumb question? These trailers look awesome but how in the heck do they not tip over when you crawl in your tent?
  2. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Absolutely Again, absolutely. It's basically useless. App says it's 30% charged, look out the window and all the lights are active on the dashboard. I'm not sure if it's a function of the cell modem in the car or what, but you'd think they could have at least had the car connect to local wifi...
  3. Is a Mopar Extended Warranty on a 4xe a Good Investment?

    I so wish I'd found this forum before I bought mine for exactly this reason.
  4. Electric cooking/stove for 4xe?

    I think they mean the 110v plug inside the cabin.
  5. Some dirt bag rifled through my Jeep last night

    I am well aware. However there is a vast difference between personal liability and criminal liability. The original poster was attempting to absolve themselves of personal liability by insinuating that a criminal suing them was an indefensible position. Case law clearly says otherwise regardless...
  6. Some dirt bag rifled through my Jeep last night

    Defending the position isn't in question -- traps causing bodily harm are illegal. There are no states in the US, even ones with stand-your-ground laws that I am aware of, that allow you to bypass causing bodily harm through "booby traps". At a minimum you'll open yourself up to personal injury...
  7. Passive Entry Kits

    Benny, I see that on the site it's still showing a 45 day backorder on these kits. Is it still realistically 45 days? Also, I know that some of the Sahara's come pre-installed with at least the door harnesses. Is there a way to determine that by VIN? Thank you!