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  1. Arizona Oracle Oculus 9” headlights

    I'll take,, text me address at 4807142092
  2. Arizona Oracle Oculus 9” headlights

    if youll do 300 ill pickup today
  3. Arizona Oracle Oculus 9” headlights

    where in scottsdale are you?
  4. Maryland Oracle Lighting Oculus Bi-Led Projector Headlights

    I’ll do 400 shipped. To be honest you can purchase new for 530. Might as well spend the little extra to buy new and get a receipt. Good luck with sale.
  5. Georgia 2018 JLUR LED DRL/Turn Signals $150

    I need supporting documentation. Lol. Congrats on sell.
  6. Georgia 2018 JLUR LED DRL/Turn Signals $150

    I’ll take, pm sent
  7. Texas Oracle oculus headlight

    Did these sell
  8. Did anyone install Katzkin leather on their own?!

    You tube has plenty of videos of people doing themselves.
  9. Arizona Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket

    I’ll take it I’m local
  10. Tierod, Draglink, Trackbar Brace, & Steering Damper

    tera teraflex nexus 2.1 with the adapter for the steersmarts tie rod. Bought as a kit. Had to rotate back just a tad Cassie drag link rubbed it on full left turn but now clears perfectly...
  11. Tierod, Draglink, Trackbar Brace, & Steering Damper

    Sorry I didn’t see this before you removed it, but posting in case others have same issue. I replaced all my steering and track bar with steer smarts. Had same issue with drag link. This tool worked perfect from autozone. Use impact driver and it popped right out...
  12. Teraflex ST2 2.5 inch lift issue

    also how do you like the lift, I think the springs are little to stiff. I get a little to much side to side movement when driving on uneven road. And not like a weak sway bar movement more of a strong spring with too much fast rebound. I’m also running the falcon 3.3 which have been revalved for...
  13. Teraflex ST2 2.5 inch lift issue

    I recently installed same lift. Did you get any wobble afterwards. I got a slight wobble. Since my wife is driving it, I purchased a steer smarts setup, track, drag and tie rod. Man with just the track bar it made a huge difference. I haven’t installed drag and tie rod due to not being able to...
  14. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    looks great!. What color is that. I’m assuming silver stitching.
  15. North Carolina Rubicon draglink and tie rod

    T Thanks, that makes my purchase that much more confident. Curious why you didn’t go steer smart track bar. Was it just easier to get the teraflex with the kit. From what I can tell there isn’t any on the market as beefy as the steer smart. But thanks I’m glad when you spend good money and see...
  16. North Carolina Rubicon draglink and tie rod

    how do you like the new setup. Could you tell the difference immediately. I just purchased their track bar and was thinking of doing drag and tie rod. I was gonna do for preventative(death wobble) and for the upgrad
  17. Do you need all 5 TPMS for system to work

    I was recently at discount tire for lug nuts. I asked for a quote to install tpms in the tires I just installed in my wife’s Jeep. He advised that he thought you’d even need it in the spare even if it wasn’t going to be put in rotation. Can you guys confirm this. They want 60 a tire to do this...
  18. Falcon 3.3 Revalve

    I’m g I’m glad it got a little better for you. I installed my teraflex lift with the 3.3 that were revalved to a 2 door. Ride isn’t bad. I think little too bumpy. But I don’t know if it’s cause my wife’s last car was a Lexus or me just being anal. Forums are great until you read every issue...