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  1. How Many Miles on Your Manual Transmission/Clutch?

    81,267 miles and no issues at all. Definitely feel like most of these issues are user related...
  2. JL Mopar lift with 37” wiggle

    Did you ever regear? And what was your MPG like after everything was aligned?
  3. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    Are those OEM or the Titan Offroad ones?
  4. Maryland Factory Mopar LED Headlights

    I'll buy them
  5. Mopar LED Take-Offs- Highbeam and Halo Issue

    Where did you find this Mopar led harness
  6. Looking for Mopar LED Headlights. I will also pay for shipping

    Does anyone have the Mopar LED Headlights and they would be willing to sell?
  7. RC 2.5 lift installed on JLUR

    How did you install the track bar? I can't seem to get a wrench into the passenger side bolt

    Thank you! Any ETA??
  9. Will you create JL version of front bumpers?

    What about the TC-1 tire carrier? Will you be coming out with one for the JL?
  10. NEW Jl REAR BUMPER!!!!

    Are you guys going to come out with a TC-1 tire carrier for the JL?
  11. Anyone installed the Rubicon Express 2" Economy lift?

    Which wheel spacers did you get? I bought G2 wheel spacers and they don't fit my JL
  12. 2018 JL , LED headlights - aftermarket available?

    Do you still have them??
  13. Grinding feeling in the clutch pedal?

    It's a Jeep guys.. also if you read the manual that comes with the car it says specifically that the transmission likes to make noise and you will feel it. It's not a porsche so idk why you expect a top of the line trans. Also @zyt why on Earth would you sit there and rev the engine with the...
  14. ESC reversed operation?

    LOL sounds like you just need to get used to the new transmission.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Can't get enough of that blue!! You're making me second guess myself for getting the gray. Looks amazing!
  16. White JLU Sahara build - in progress

    Absolutely! It looks great with that color combo
  17. White JLU Sahara build - in progress

    That Mopar tailgate reinforcement isn't really necessary but the build looks great!
  18. JL Mopar lift with 37” wiggle

    How is it on the highway though? Or do you never ride on the highway? Also what is your gas mileage like?