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  1. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    Agreed, the two fenders i want and they always have to be the most expensive:facepalm:.
  2. California 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Axles 5:13 Gears E Lockers

    Man, if I only had the cash. Bump for a local!
  3. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    NP just looking out, dont want that thing popping out.
  4. Driving on beach sand.

    Id recommend a pair of Traction pads (max traxx), i have some 60's cheapos that saved my butt a few times getting into belly deep sand with 35's on a 2.5".
  5. Official: Jeep Wrangler 392 LAUNCH EDITION Starts at $73,500 Base Price. Build & Price Now Up

    Disappointed that the only option for gearing is 3.73. For that price at least a 4.10. PS. I really i want those mopar half doors when will those be available for sale?
  6. California Free Main and ESS Batteries

    Have these been taken?
  7. CavFab | Black Friday Blowout!

    Sweet, the damage isnt too bad, I can wait.
  8. CavFab | Black Friday Blowout!

    What happened too the aluminum tie rods? literally just bent mine on slick rock yesterday went to your website first thing, and 😑...
  9. Question , 3.45 gears running 35s

    Why need a link? Thats a solid combo, I have 3.45 on 35's with a manual, and uphills and windy coniditions are the bane of my jeep existence. 4.56 would be perfect if you dont plan to go bigger tire. When i regear itll be 4.88 or 5.13. Because i plan on 37's at some point.
  10. California $60 Warn 8k Steel winch line /w rollers. *updated*

    Up for sale is a brand new unused warn steel winch line /w rollers that came off of a Warn Zeon 8. No immediate need, went with a synthetic line. Located in Sacramento Area. In person preferred, can ship on your dime. $60 o.b.o
  11. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Does anyone know if Slick Rock is closed? Uttica lake is open but not sure about Slick Rock. Trail head at either side. Me and my buddy are planning on going tomorrow but heard that the sheriff said everything is closed.
  12. Do i need to Regear my JL RUBICON with 35 inch tires?

    I think the two main things to focus on here would be AT vs MT, & weight of your tire/wheel setup. My 35x12.5" kumhos with a MT transmission, def needs a regear.
  13. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    Literally the next day after I had my first set of 35's on my JLU, bought from your fine establishment.
  14. My friends warned me...

    Just save up slowly but surely, or credit line the heck out of it and live! lifes to short to save up slowly.
  15. All Fender Flare Options (I think)

    Genright isnt on the list, and westin has decent looking tube fenders.
  16. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    FUnny i was considering the same. with these fenders. But not into the Gobirack anymore and im looking for more slim tube fenders. Wishing someone would make ones like genright's aluminum fenders but something that is affordable.