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  1. JLU (4DR) WTB: Rubicon Steel Front/Rear Bumpers

    Up in Alberta looking for a Canuck who wants to part with their rubi bumpers. Front bumper needed, but I'd take a rear bumper as well if the price is right. Willing to travel a province or two to pick them up. O.
  2. Floor drain issues?

    If your mats are not properly sealing I'd return them and get replacements. Mine are seated nice and snug and the rubber of the floor mats seals the holes up nice! Soaked myself trying to get water to spray against the hole from underneath and none is getting through with the mats seated and the...
  3. Floor drain issues?

    I can live with cute! ;)
  4. Floor drain issues?

    No clue!!! I pulled the plug and let everything drain....maybe they can but I don't remember seeing any valve type opening in them. I'll look when I go for lunch today.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to see if they will ship North over the border! :like:

    Glad to be joining the club, absolutely love the look of this JL, I've had mine for almost 3 weeks now and I wouldn't trade it for any other colour!
  7. The Rockies - near Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

    Heading out that way soon myself! I love that drive down through the Crowsnest.
  8. Mopar Floor Mats - hole in the middle?

    Pocket knife or a pair of sharp scissors to cut the little tabs holding the carpet oval in place, and two minutes and you're done! Just make sure you press the mat down into the plug hole until it pops in place or it won't be sealed right!
  9. Floor drain issues?

    The drain hole plug option is great in the OEM mats, way better than what my 2016 JK mats. They seat into the drain hole really nice and tight, then the existing plug goes into them! Mat gets full of slush and snow, pull the plug and let it drain out! No slush and snow right now, but I tested it...
  10. Possible reason the JL key fob is so big - waterproof

    I might try designing and printing a replacement case in Poly Carbonate, that should be plenty strong enough with a little bit of infill to withstand most abuse a key fob might get. I do find the fob a lot bigger in pocket than the one from my 2016 JK.
  11. Key fob dead

    I've had to do the press the button with the FOB thing twice in the last two my JL 2 weeks ago. I've not had it stop working completely though. This issue was only for starting the engine, door locks seemed to be fine.