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  1. BF Goodrich Off-road Wiper Blades?

    No coverage issues whatsoever. Actually perform better then my old Mopar ones did.
  2. Looking for 2.5" lift to complete the look.

    Did not have to re-gear, so it's the stock setup. The axles are the stock ones that come with the MOAB edition. Getting close to 2 years on this lift and have not had any issues. I just added a winch, so more weight to the front and I see no changes/effects on the front springs.
  3. BF Goodrich Off-road Wiper Blades?

    I just put a pair on. They look pretty darn cool... match my tires, haha. We will see how they hold up to the snow and ice.
  4. Anyone tried Clear Roof Panels?

    I'm liking it so far. Changes the feel of the interior completely. Adds more headroom, tons of light, and just feels more open.
  5. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Added a Clearlidz top to my Jeep. Thought you guys may want to see what it looks like. So far I like it, adds tons of light inside the Jeep; even gives you a few inches more headroom.
  6. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    If you search earlier posts, you will see many of us have gone through this problem and went through all the same frustrating troubleshooting steps. The only solution is to replace the backup camera. I wish this was already in the system as the only solution to the problem. There are other...
  7. Introducing Pandaemic! My 2020 JLUR

    Sweet build! Like those wheels. I think it would add a nice cosmetic touch to your Panda black/white theme if you add the black satin grill.
  8. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    You made the right choice replacing the camera yourself. I wish I had done it myself. The warranty job they did was horrible. In replacing my camera, when they put the mount back on (I have the Mopar reinforced mount on), they must have lost pieces (nuts and bolts) because they put random...
  9. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    This thread re-ignites every winter. I don't understand why the dealerships don't already have it in their systems that the only solution to this problem is to get the rear camera replaced. All of us that have gone through it had to go through all the steps, painfully... getting stereo...
  10. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    That's a steep price for a HONDA ELEMENT. Oh wait, that's the new Defender? They totally destroyed the exterior. I would take a 1990s defender over this any day of the week. They killed the rugged design.
  11. Quake LED Switch System QUIC798 Lighting/ 12v Accessory Controller...The Ultimate Headache Saver!

    This looks great! I wanted to hook up some lighting but was not looking forward to the wiring process, which as you know is a headache. This definitely seems to simplify things. I just ordered one on your site!
  12. Looking for 2.5" lift to complete the look.

    I got the JKS 2.5 w/ Fox Shocks. If you are looking for quality at the right price, this may be the way to go. It was highly recommended by my 4by4 shop that installed it and I am glad I went with it. They've been doing jeep lifts for decades and I trust they know what works and what doesn't...
  13. Another dealer oil change story

    Your experience, unfortunately, seems to be becoming the norm. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a good reliable dealership. I grew up around cars, mainly because my father owned an auto shop growing up that I would work at during my summers, but unfortunately once he retired and...
  14. Audio cutting in and out

    Better check out the other thread on this subject.... it seems like there may be a service bulletin on the camera now. Everyone with this issue that had their cameras switched out has not had an issue since. Replacing the radio won't fix it, as many of us have already gone through. They are...
  15. Audio cutting in and out

    Apparently on the other "audio system issue - cutting in and out" thread, the last person that had their camera replaced to fix this issue noted that the service department mentioned there is a service bulletin on this issue now. If that's the case, all you need to do is call your dealership...
  16. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    Good to hear there is finally a service bulletin on this! Of course very annoying for all of us that had to deal with this issue back and forth for 2 winters, but at least moving forward anyone with the issue gets it fixed right away.
  17. Audio cutting in and out

    Arggg. Can't believe they are still making people go through all this. This is how its going to go down. They will order you a radio, it will probably then get backordered, by the time they replace it, the weather will be warmer and the problem would have gone away anyway, so they will...
  18. Audio cutting in and out

    It's very annoying and frustrating. All of us on this forum from the beginning and starting last winter have been through all the steps you have. You need to contact a Jeep rep/ Jeep Wave, start a STAR case, reference this forum if needed. Let them know it is a backup camera issue. They will...
  19. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    I added the Rugged Ridge Elite Front Light Guards to go with the rear guards I added and posted last week. Looks pretty nice and does not interfere with the light output.